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Opinion | Varun Dhawan's Bhediya on OTT: The importance of size in a werewolf film

Decoding why Bhediya, starring Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon, didn't achieve the box office success it deserved.

Opinion | Varun Dhawan's Bhediya on OTT: The importance of size in a werewolf film
Bhediya is now streaming on JioCinema.

Last Updated: 02.05 PM, May 28, 2023


Bhediya, the recent addition to the horror-comedy series that includes Stree and Roohi, maintains a grounded approach to storytelling. Set in the jungles of Arunachal Pradesh, the film delves into the significance of preserving the country's forest reserves. What sets Bhediya apart is its ability to convey these themes without becoming preachy, shedding light on the lesser-known culture and people of northeast India.

The protagonist, Bhaskar Sharma, played by Varun Dhawan, is a smart and ambitious individual driven by monetary gains. Tasked with convincing the tribal population of Arunachal Pradesh to support the destruction of their forests, Bhaskar's moral compass begins to erode. Bhaskar's willingness to prioritise financial gain over the environment makes him an unwitting antagonist. He exhibits a willingness to prioritize financial gain above all else, even if it entails jeopardising India's last remaining lung spaces.

In an unexpected twist, Bhediya introduces a vigilante element, featuring a shape-shifting werewolf dedicated to protecting the forests. Bhaskar, after being bitten by the werewolf, undergoes a transformation himself, battling with his own destructive tendencies. The film highlights the irony of Bhaskar's dual existence, destroying what he worked on during the day as a werewolf at night.


Bhediya has numerous strengths, particularly in the engaging performances delivered by Varun, Abhishek Banerjee, Deepak Dobriyal, and Paalin Kabak. Even, Kriti Sanon's character defies expectations by receiving significant prominence in the narrative. Unlike her previous roles, in Bhediya, she transcends being merely eye candy. The film's humour is both entertaining and thought-provoking, serving as a reflection of our own apathy and lack of awareness towards fellow citizens.

And it begs the question as to why Bhediya didn't achieve the box office success it deserved. The shortcomings do not stem from the stellar performances of its cast or the storytelling, but rather from the creative vision of its filmmakers: director Amar Kaushik, writer Niren Bhatt, and producer Dinesh Vijan.

Bhediya falls short in terms of its werewolf visuals. The filmmakers missed an opportunity to create a more imposing and awe-inspiring creature, limiting its potential for impactful action sequences. The relatively small size of the werewolves undermines the sense of danger they pose, especially when confronted by well-armed adversaries. A larger, more formidable werewolf capable of fighting both on two legs and four could have elevated the film's spectacle and overall impact.

While Bhediya successfully delivers on its grounded storytelling and thought-provoking themes, the underwhelming visuals of the werewolf hinder its potential as a grand cinematic experience. With such a promising concept, it is a missed opportunity not to have embraced the maxim that "size matters" in creating a visually captivating and truly immersive werewolf spectacle.

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