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Outer Range Season 2 OTT release date – Watch the mind-boggling time travelling thriller set against a neo-Western drama on THIS platform

Outer Range Season 2 OTT release date- Josh Brolinis a time-travelling rancher in this Western, sci-fi drama thriller. After a successful first season, season 2 will be streaming this summer.

Outer Range Season 2 OTT release date – Watch the mind-boggling time travelling thriller set against a neo-Western drama on THIS platform
First look at Outer Range Season 2 ahead of its OTT release

Last Updated: 05.26 PM, Mar 17, 2024


Outer Range is an American science fiction drama series set against a Western backdrop. The show premiered on Prime Video in 2022 and was created by Brian Watkins. For the second season, however, Charles Murray has taken over Watkins’ position as the show’s showrunner. Season 2 of Outer Range is ready to stream on OTT this summer.

Outer Banks Season 2 release date and OTT platform

Outer Range Season 2 will be streaming on its home platform, Prime Video, May 16, 2024, onward. Though no trailers have been released for the new season, since the last one’s two-year-old debut, Prime Video has released the official logline and first look of the highly awaited second season of this mind-boggling, slow burn, neo noir sci-fi adventure.

Name of Series Outer Range
Season 2
Episodes 7
Release Date May 16, 2024
OTT Platform Prime Video

Outer Banks Season 2 plot and what to expect after season 1 finale

Outer Range Season 2 will drop all seven episodes at once, unlike previous season’s eight-part pattern of weekly episodes. Season 1 of Outer Range had ended on a precarious note, with multiple cliffhangers, a mysterious ending, and a note of death and hopelessness with possibilities of return from the other side.

In Season 1 finale, Autumn is revealed to be Royal Abbott’s missing granddaughter, Amy, right before he was about to finish her off (when a bizarre herd of bison stopped him), sparking hope as he takes her home to his bemoaning wife Cecilia. However, things look grim for the rest of the Abbotts and Tillersons.


Perry Abbot has jumped into the mysterious, time-space manipulating hole in the ground after seemingly losing his wife Rebecca and daughter Amy, while Rhett wishes to leave the dark influence of the hole and his family behind for a better future. As for the Tillersons, Luke has been stampeded by the bizarre herd of bison, Billy is dead, and patriarch Wayne is sick.

Season 2 will be exploring more about the origin and function of the mysterious hole-in-the-ground as well as its connection to Royal and Autumn/Amy. Also, despite the dreadful fates of Perry and the Tillersons, Outer Range is a show where no one is really dead. The lines between life and death, past and future, hell and heaven are too blurred to predict or assume more than revealed for Season 2, due to the show’s huge plot potential and multi-layered narrative.

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