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Pankaj Tripathi spills the big secret around Mirzapur 3, can you decipher it? Watch

Pankaj Tripathi gives us Mirzapur 3 release date, but there's a twist.

Pankaj Tripathi spills the big secret around Mirzapur 3, can you decipher it? Watch
Mirzapur 3 - Pankaj Tripathi

Last Updated: 08.53 PM, Jun 10, 2024


Pankaj Tripathi aka Akhanand Tripathi from Mirzapur, who is better known as Kaleen Bhaiyya, is here to give you a new update about the third season. He spills a big secret around Mirzapur 3, but there’s a twist. Whenever he speaks, there are gunshots. So, are you up for deciphering what he says?

Kaleen Bhaiyya on the release date

Kaleen Bhaiyya is seen seated on a throne chair and talking about the scenario – of how people are going crazy trying to find out the real release date for Mirzapur 3. He called the people ‘paagal Betal.’

Mirzapur’s king

Kaleen Bhaiyya is the undefeated king of Mirzapur, till he crossed roads with Ali Fazal’s Guddu Bhaiyya. In the promo release, Pankaj is heard saying that when it comes to Mirzapur, he will have the last word all the time.

Decipher what he says

Right after stating that he would give us the date and asking everyone to hold their breaths, Kaleen Bhaiyya continues talking. This time though, there are gunshots in the background. He says that people will not have to wait too long for Mirzapur 3. Just as he says that Mirzapur is coming in a few days, the gunshots begin. He promises that the wait will not last till September.

Who will be on the show

Ali Fazal - Mirzapur 3
Ali Fazal - Mirzapur 3

Pankaj Tripathi confirmed that Guddu (Ali Fazal), Golu (Shweta Tripathi), Sharad (Anjum Sharma) and Bauji will be on the show. He then said that Bauji will not be able to join them this time around, hinting at Kulbhushan Kharbanda’s death on the show.

The end of the promo

Towards the end of the promo, Kaleen Bhaiyya got into character and spoke about the person who was testing the gun outside the area where he was shooting the video. He demands that the person be presented in front of him. Of course, we already know what will happen after that. And with that, Tripathi leaves all curious and excited for what is to come with Mirzapur.

Divyendu Sharma’s Munna Bhaiyya is expected to be back for Prime Video series, even though he has not shot for the show this time. The series also stars Vijay Varma in the lead role(s) of Bharat and Shatrughan Tyagi.

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