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Parambrata Chatterjee teams up with Nandy Sisters again

Antara and Ankita Nandy team up with the actor and sing a song from Bastu Shaap

Parambrata Chatterjee teams up with Nandy Sisters again
Nandy Sisters

Last Updated: 01.05 AM, Nov 25, 2023


Parambrata Chatterjee and Nandy Sisters teamed up again. Previously, they did a video together. In the recent video, the actor was again seen with Antara and Ankita Nandy, playing a guitalele. They were seen singing a new Bengali song. 

Nandy Sisters collaborate with many celebrities and release music videos. The name of their series is Gungunale. Parambrata came as a guest. They sing the song Tomake Chnuye Dilam from the movie Bastu Shaap. In the video, Parambrata is seen wearing a blue tee shirt and grey jeans. Nandy Sisters are seated next to him playing their signature ukulele. The video’s views crossed 1.2 million and garnered many comments. The two sisters released the video and lavishly praised Param. They wrote, “The hugely talented Param dada is with us today. You are doing acting, production, music, everything all alone. Please save something for us.” 

Nandy Sisters became initially famous on social media. They used to post different songs that they sang while playing ukulele and other instruments at their home. They got popular from there. Now they are doing live shows. Their song Nakku Nakur has been used in the film Raktabeej.

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