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Parasite ending explained – Will Ki-Woo return to his old house?

Parasite follows the Kim family and portrays how their life changes after their son Ki-Woo gets a job with the affluent Park family. Read on to know what happened in the end...

Parasite ending explained – Will Ki-Woo return to his old house?


Last Updated: 08.34 PM, May 23, 2024


In 2020, Parasite, the South Korean dark comedy, made history by winning four prestigious Oscars for Best Picture, Best Directing, Best International Feature Film and Best Original Screenplay. This marked a significant achievement for South Korean cinema, as Parasite became the first Korean film to win Academy Awards. Directed by Bong Joon-ho, the 2019 film resonated with the audience worldwide and its success transcended language barriers.

Parasite plot

The story begins by introducing the Kim family, who are struggling with financial crisis and suffocating in their cramped and subterranean apartment. One day, they find a ray of hope when their son Ki-Woo (played by Choi Woo-shik) gets a job with the affluent Park family. This is not just an opportunity; it seems like a potential lifeline for the Kim family to save themselves from poverty due to the Park family’s unimaginable wealth. Soon all the members of the Kim family find ways to work within the same household as full-timers and begin to live in the mansion like a parasite.


Parasite ending

At the very end, Parasite takes us back to where the Kim family began their lives, snatching away the illusion of a happy ending. Ki-Woo is seen super disappointed for not being able to buy the Park house ever in his life. His dream gets shattered, and he rushes to save his father. The film ends with Ki-Woo returning to the old, dark, and damp basement house. He ends up chained to poverty just like his father.

Who is the Parasite?

The twists at the end hit hard because it highlights that such a dream can never come true. Kim Ki-Woo can never get enough money to buy such a lavish mansion and save his family. The movie shows that there's no way left for the Kim family to survive outside. However, the Kims are not just sitting idle and enjoying the wealth. Rather they are definitely working there. On the other hand, the rich Park family becomes fully dependent on the Kims.

The fascinating part of the movie is that Parasite will make you wonder whether the Kims are the parasites or the Parks. The Park family is totally dependent on the poor, but they don't care about them at all. Even when the poor are suffering, the Parks only care about their son’s birthday party and their own lavish lives. This scene will definitely raise the question - who is actually the parasite here, the Kims or the Parks?

Parasite has masterfully shown us the tension between the rich and poor. The movie throws a major horrifying moment when Moon-Gwang, the previous housekeeper, desperately rushes down the stairs while screaming “Honey”. This left the Kim family in tremendous shock as they didn’t know who could possibly be down there in the basement. This incident shatters the Kim family's illusion of control.

Parasite is streaming on SonyLIV. You can also watch the film through OTTplay Premium.

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