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Parasyte The Grey Twitter review – Netizens laud Yeon Sang-ho's reimagining of Japanese manga, demand Season 2

Based on the popular Japanese Parasyte manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki, Parasyte: The Grey dropped all six episodes on April 5. Netizens have lauded the series, directed by Yeon Sang-ho.

Parasyte The Grey Twitter review – Netizens laud Yeon Sang-ho's reimagining of Japanese manga, demand Season 2

Parasyte: The Grey poster


Last Updated: 03.43 PM, Apr 06, 2024


Streaming giant Netflix’s recent sci-fi-horror K-drama Parasyte: The Grey is getting favourable reviews from netizens. The Korean adaptation is based on the popular Japanese Parasyte manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki. Helmed by Hellbound director Yeon Sang-ho, the series dropped all six episodes on April 5. Fans are overwhelmed with the action and mystery-packed series and are now demanding a sequel.

Netizens react to Parasyte: The Grey

Netflix has finally dropped the highly anticipated science-fiction and horror series Parasyte: The Grey. Fans are awe-struck by the well-paced execution and multi-layered narrative of the Korean adaptation and are giving rave reviews for the mind-boggling plot. Many hailed lead actress Jeong Su-in for her intriguing character, Jeon So Nee, as she nailed two personalities (parasite and human) with perfect voice modulation.

“Jeon Sonee is playing two characters with two different voice tone in Parasyte the Grey... the excellent actress that she is,” one user wrote.

Other users showered love on the web series by calling it binge-worthy and enjoyable. “Finished watching parasyte the grey and it was definitely an enjoyable watch. i went in with no expectations only to find myself drawn to the story, a well paced plot with great acting,” another netizen shared.  

Fans also gave thumbs up to the smart storyline that showcased the parasites as witty creatures who hatched plans to outsmart human hosts by teaming up for their shared motive.  “The thing that made Parasyte the Grey even more fun is that these parasites weren't just dumb creatures with the only motto to kill randomly anyone on sight but they teamed up, made plans, and outsmarted everyone, which made the story even more interesting and challenging,” another social media user reacted to the series.

Check out more tweets from excited fans:

Several fans on X (formerly Twitter) also expressed delight after watching the unexpected cameo of Japanese singer-actor Suda Masaki. Interestingly, his character is introduced as "Izumi Shinichi," which was the main protagonist from Japanese’s Parasyte Manga. While it is not clear if the series is officially renewed for a second season, the cliffhanger ending of season 1 and Masaki’s cameo hint at a possible renewal.

Parasyte: The Grey

Based on the manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki, the reimagination by Yeon Sang-ho (director of Hellbound and Train to Busan) is set in a fictional Korean city, Namil.


The star-studded ensemble features Jeong Su-in (Jeon So-Nee), Kang-woo (Koo Kyo-hwan), Jun-kyung (Lee Jung-hyun), and Chul-min (Kwon Hae-hyo) in prominent roles.

Parasyte: The Grey is a sci-fi horror series that narrates the story of mysterious parasitic creatures who use human hosts to take over humanity. Meanwhile, a smart task force called anti-parasites, battles with these dangerous creatures to save their existence.

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