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Parineeti Chopra shares gratitude with 'tears of joy' for first live singing show at Mumbai Festival

Parineeti Chopra thanked everyone in an Insta post with “tears of joy” for her first live singing show at the Mumbai Festival last night. On a short notice, the actress prepared & performed well.

Parineeti Chopra shares gratitude with 'tears of joy' for first live singing show at Mumbai Festival
Parineeti Chopra live at Mumbai Festival last night/ Instagram

Last Updated: 05.24 PM, Jan 29, 2024


Parineeti Chopra sang live in front of such a massive audience for the first time at the Mumbai Festival last night. The prestigious and worthy honor overwhelmed the actress, with formal musical training, and she took to her social media to share her bubbling gratitude and joy. Parineeti posted 7 photos and a video featuring her on stage. 

Parineeti Chopra shares gratitude with 'tears of joy'

Her caption read, “Anddd it’s done.... I have tears of joy as I type this: MY FIRST EVER LIVE SINGING PERFORMANCE was last night and it was everythinggg I could wish for and more”. The actress followed it with a red heart emoji and thanked everyone for all the love and kindness people have showered upon her. Parineeti shared that it really meant a lot to her and signed off with a folded hands emoji and a fair share of hashtags and mentions.  

The seven photos featured the actress in various moments of an electrifying and soulful performance, with a voice that came straight from her heart. Parineeti Chopra wore a simple ponytail with beachy waves and simple but sultry makeup, like a boss. A black long blazer complemented and did a peek-a-boo deal with the black shimmery dress under it to win against Parineeti’s matching boots. A chunky, elaborate neckpiece finished the ensemble.  

The video in her post showed the actress speaking to the audience towards the end of her live singing gig. She mentioned how this first show of hers would go down in her memory as unforgettable and thanked the audience for it. Parineeti Chopra further shared the highlight of the event for her, she got to perform her first show in her “own city, Mumbai” and thanked everyone again.  

Reception of Parineeti Chopra's post

Parineeti’s post garnered over 100,000 likes in a few hours, showing the deserving love and appreciation she was receiving. One fan wrote, “So glad to be able to witness it live! You ATE!” while another penned, “The BIG MOMENT (multiple hands forming heart emojis) you totally killed it love (beating heart emoji) So proud of you.” A third noted, “You nailed it (lovey dovey eyed emoji and fire emoji).” A fourth fan shared that it “Still feels like a dream.” 

Every popular celebrity has haters, but when they have a family like Parineeti’s to back her up, and actors like Parmeet Sethi to wish them well, nothing can raise thorns in their path. Not even trolls. While brothers Sahaj Chopra and Shivang Chopra dropped hearts on her post, mommy dearest Reena Chopra shared a barrage of lovey dovey eyed and clapping hands.  

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