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Phoenix: Release date for Aju Varghese and Anoop Menon's horror thriller is out

Directed by Vishnu Bharathan, the script of Phoenix is penned by Anjaam Pathiraa director Midhun Manuel Thomas

Phoenix: Release date for Aju Varghese and Anoop Menon's horror thriller is out
Posters of Phoenix

Last Updated: 02.19 PM, Oct 26, 2023


Phoenix, a horror thriller starring Aju Varghese and Anoop Menon, is gearing up for its theatrical release. Directed by Vishnu Bharathan, the film is touted to feature two timelines and has garnered much attention thanks to its posters. Now, the makers have announced that the film will be released in theatres on November 17.

Phoenix, an interesting horror thriller

Horror dramas are an underexplored genre in Malayalam cinema. Romancham, a recent Malayalam film that got a staggering response at the Kerala box office, was more of a comedy film than a horror, although it did have horror elements. Bhoothakaalam, on the other hand, was a recent Malayalam film that received acclaim for the way it used horror elements. The film was directly released on OTT and would have worked in theatres, considering the eerie shots and sequences it had.

Phoenix is a serious horror drama that revolves around the lives of a family. Aju's character and his family are featured in both posters that have been released for the film so far, along with Chandhunadh's character. One can expect a Hollywood-type plot in which a family comes into contact with some supernatural energy in the backyard of their home in Phoenix, USA.

Poster of Phoenix
Poster of Phoenix

Why Phoenix is a film that you should consider watching

Midhun Manuel Thomas' script: Midhun is known for his films like Anjaam Pathiraa and Ann Mariya Kalippilaanu. His craft for making thrillers is evident in Anjaam Pathiraa, which is a popular recent Malayalam investigation thriller.

Sam CS's music composition: Sam CS has gained recognition for his outstanding work in films like Vikram, Kaithi, and RDX: Robert, Dony and Xavier. The composer's work is one to look out for, especially for a Malayalam horror film, considering that he has worked in similar genres in Tamil films with Ghosty and Devi 2.

The intriguing posters: The posters for the film have piqued everyone's curiosity as they carry the promise of an intriguing storyline. The two posters that have been released so far are upside down , and what is interesting is that they offer different perspectives when viewed from up and down.

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