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Poacher awareness video - Alia Bhatt exposes the horrors of wildlife crime in India

Alia Bhatt is the executive producer of the new Prime Video series Poacher, which exposes India's biggest ivory poaching ring.

Poacher awareness video - Alia Bhatt exposes the horrors of wildlife crime in India
Alia Bhatt in Poacher awareness video

Last Updated: 12.48 PM, Feb 12, 2024


The fictionalised dramatisation of actual events that uncover the largest ivory poaching ring in Indian history, Poacher, launches globally on February 23. Richie Mehta, an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, wrote, produced, and directed the series, which features a stellar ensemble cast that includes Roshan Mathew, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, and Nimisha Sajayan. 

A gripping tale unveiling India's largest ivory poaching ring

The plot revolves around a team of heroes—including officers from the Indian Forest Service, NGOs, police constables, and random passers-by—who put themselves in harm's way to uncover the truth behind this probe. Alia Bhatt—an entrepreneur, actor, and producer—serves as the series' executive producer via her home banner, Eternal Sunshine Productions.

An eerie stillness, a putrid stench, and a macabre aura have overrun the formerly tranquil and restorative woodland in a disturbing awareness video recently released on Prime Video. Shock washes over Alia when she finds a loaded gun, bullet casings, and the outline of a lifeless body—enough to send chills down anyone's spine and heighten the reality of the horrific, unfathomable horrors she has witnessed. Trapped in the midst of the forest, a crime scene and the silhouette of a life cruelly and prematurely snatched force you to painfully contemplate the worth of human life. The worth of every life ought to be equal, regardless of whether it is human or animal. And 'Murder is Murder,' so there should be no leniency for acts perpetrated against either.

Check out the video below:


The horrors of poaching

Prior to the advent of poachers, the forest had every intention of serving as a sanctuary for the many creatures that called it home, including elephants. Poachers have brutally pushed numerous animals onto the endangered species list by invading their territory and slaughtering them without mercy. 

Suitable Pictures, Poor Man's Productions, and Eternal Sunshine Productions are involved with Poacher as executive producers, alongside Sean McKittrick, Edward H. Hamm Jr. of QC Entertainment, and Raymond Mansfield. Alan McAlex's Suitable Pictures has also produced the series. In addition to editor Beverley Mills and composer Andrew Lockington, Delhi Crime's Director of Photography, Johan Aidt, is also on the crew.

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