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Por Thozhil OTT release date: When, where to watch this hit serial killer movie

Por Thozhil is set to arrive on this OTT platform after the end of its theatrical run. 

Por Thozhil OTT release date: When, where to watch this hit serial killer movie

A still from Por Thozhil. 

Last Updated: 07.09 PM, Jul 28, 2023


Serial killer movies have always maintained a strong allure among movie buffs. If done correctly, people have historically shown a lot of willingness to overlook shortcomings and make them a success. The latest Tamil movie Por Thozhil has proved it again. The movie has emerged as a big hit with the audiences. 

Surprisingly, Por Thozhil didn't just click with the audience in Tamil Nadu. The serial killer thriller is also drawing huge crowds at the Kerala box office. 

After its theatrical run, Por Thozhil will become available on streaming on SonyLIV. According to sources, the film will arrive on streaming around July 10. However, an official confirmation on the same is awaited. 


Por Thozhil delves into the significance of a child's home environment in shaping their future. Director Vignesh Raja presents a thought-provoking premise that explores the impact of a child's upbringing on their choices and character. The film skillfully weaves together elements of drama and social commentary, highlighting the importance of nurturing positive values. With engaging storytelling and impactful performances, Por Thozhil offers an insightful and compelling narrative that prompts viewers to reflect on the role of parenting and the influence it has on a child's life.

The movie's main strength lies in the committed performance of its star cast that evokes a range of emotions, from empathy to introspection. The characters are relatable, each carrying their own struggles and aspirations, making the audience contemplate the significance of their own upbringing and its impact on their lives. 

"Vignesh Raja has a strong grasp of what he wants to convey through Por Thozhil. While the main focus of the movie is the police investigation into serial murders, it also delves into the deeper theme of societal awareness regarding mental health," wrote OTTplay's film critic Manoj Kumar R.

Por Thozhil stars R. Sarathkumar, Ashok Selvan and Nikhila Vimal. 

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