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Raakshasa Kaavyam’s Amma Paata is a heart-warming celebration of motherhood

Sivani Ch has sung the number lyricised by Mittapalli Surender

Raakshasa Kaavyam’s Amma Paata is a heart-warming celebration of motherhood
Amma Paata in Raakshasa Kaavyam

Last Updated: 02.17 PM, Sep 10, 2023


Raakshasa Kaavyam, the gangster drama starring Abhai Naveen, Anvesh Michael in pivotal roles, is gearing up for a theatrical release on October 6. The film marks the directorial debut of Sriman Keerthi, who’s also written the story. Dayanand Reddy, Pawon Ramesh, Rohini Aretty Kushalini, Yadamma Raju play other key roles in the film, which has music by Rajeev Raj, Srikanth M.

Produced by Damu Reddy, Singanamala Kalyan under Garuda Productions, Cinevalley Movies and Pingo Pictures, Raakshasa Kaavyam promises to be a rollercoaster ride of emotions and high-voltage action. A new single from the film, Amma Paata, was launched today. Budding classical musician Sivani Ch makes her film playback debut with the track lyricised by Mittapalli Surender.

Amma Paata is a song about the protagonist looking back at his childhood with his mother and how she stood by him like a rock, nurturing him with love and care despite several difficulties coming her way. It showcases the boundless love of a mother for her child and how the son laments her absence in his life. The soulful composition is ably backed by Sivani’s controlled yet expressive rendition.

Mittapalli Surender, largely known for his folk numbers, doesn’t go overboard in describing the beauty of motherhood and ensures that the lyrics are simple, relatable and yet heartwarming. ‘Ninginai Ninnu Chustunta..Nelanai Ninnu Mostunta..Gaalinai Jola Paatavutha..Vennelai Ninnu Laalistha..,’ the opening lines suggest Surender’s attempt to draw parallels between nature and motherhood.


The song is aptly complemented by the touching montages between a mother and a son, their little joys and moments establishing their equation. Spandan Bhattacharya , Master Mayukh Velagapudi make their presence felt in the brief vocal segments as well. Rushi Konapuram cranks the camera for the film while Gandhi Nadikudikar is the art director.

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