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Red Queen OTT release date – Watch the genius with an IQ of 242 solve murders on THIS platform

Red Queen OTT release date – Red Queen or Reina Roja, is an upcoming Spanish series, based on a trilogy by Juan Gómez-Jurardo. The show hits OTT very soon.

Red Queen OTT release date – Watch the genius with an IQ of 242 solve murders on THIS platform
A still from a poster of Red Queen

Last Updated: 04.00 PM, Feb 28, 2024


Red Queen, or Reina Roja (Spanish working title), is an upcoming crime thriller show with a unique, fan-favourite premise. A genius of some kind solves murders with their innate, mortal mental powers. The show is based on the first book, titled Reina Roja or Red Queen, of Juan Gomez-Jurardo's 2020 trilogy, which has sold over 2 million copies in Spain alone, with sales in more than 17 countries.

Release date and trailer of Red Queen


Red Queen will be released on Amazon Prime Video on February 29. The trailed with English subtitles of the 7-part Spanish thriller was released for international viewers and offers a peek at Antonia Scott, the daughter of a British diplomat and a Spanish mother. She is also the smartest human alive, gifted with a highly forensic mind and an IQ of 242.

Name of Series Red Queen (Reina Roja)
Language Spanish
Genre Crime Thriller
Release Date February 29, 2024
OTT Platform Prime Video

Contents of the trailer and plot of Red Queen

Her ability to reconstruct crime scenes and locations from memory and find data where others find beauty or grotesqueness is legendary. Her intelligence made her an invaluable part of a secret, experimental high-security police project, Red Queen. However, a traumatic incident makes her feel her gift had become a curse and Antonia deserts all responsibility after losing everything she held dear.

But when the son of a powerful business tycoon is found murdered in a brutal and odd manner while the daughter of the richest man in Spain is missing, Antonia is required, and her former boss turns to hot-tempered cop Jon Gutierrez for help. On the verge of being dismissed from the force, Jon is tasked with the impossible: getting back Antonia and reactivating the Red Queen programme.

Despite having a gruff and irritating partnership in the beginning, Jon and Antonia soon begin to admire one another as Jon learns to appreciate her astute and analytic brain, which can simply observe from afar and analyse the manner of death of a boy left without a single drop of blood. From being able to drive a familiar road in blinding dust by memory to finding answers in messes, Antonia is the brains behind Jon’s brawn and experience on the field.

As the dynamic duo starts finding answers, they also find the master web of lies and conspiracy spun by corrupted officers, freaky-clean and methodical killers, and powerful men pulling strings from the shadows. Red Queen promises to be a captivating watch and is the perfect solution to ending an extra working weekday this leap year.

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