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Ryan Gosling crashing Russell Crowe’s award appearance in an old video is a reminder that we need The Nice Guys 2 - Watch

The Nice Guys, released back in 2016, was a well-made film but couldn't get a sequel greenlit. Here's why it should.

Ryan Gosling crashing Russell Crowe’s award appearance in an old video is a reminder that we need The Nice Guys 2 - Watch
A Reminder Why We Need The Nice Guys 2

Last Updated: 01.18 PM, May 25, 2024


Buddy banter in cinema is something that always gives us hope and makes us treasure our friendships. Sometimes they teach us a thing or two or simply motivate us to take that adventure trip together. But when these friendships seep into real life, with actors still in character ragging each other, it is always fun to watch. The Nice Guys, released in 2016, is one such movie that managed to give us a duo we were obsessed with. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as the main leads and each other's Man Friday were a sheer treat. Fans realised the potential and goodness of the movie only on streaming platforms, as it did not do well in theatres, killing the chances of a sequel. But almost a decade later, we have found a video of the two actors having a blast.

Old Video Of Ryan Gosling And Russell Crowe

Here is a video of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe having a fun time as the former crashes Crowe’s award night appearance, and you are in for a treat. This will leave you wanting the sequel that was killed by low box office numbers and audiences opting for Angry Birds over The Nice Guys. The video that went viral back in the day features Russell making an appearance at Australia’s AACTA Awards in 2015, when the two were shooting for The Nice Guys. But what happened in the middle of his appearance took the spotlight. Read on to learn everything about this fun video.

The video shows Russell Crowe attending the awards night virtually from the United States. While he was addressing the audience, Ryan Gosling casually decided to crash the night and make a surprise appearance with Crowe. It was during Crowe's presentation of an award that Gosling interrupted him. "Ladies and gentlemen, you might not recognise him with clothes on, Ryan Gosling," Russell hilariously introduced the actor. "Cheap but it worked, man,” said Ryan, who suddenly switched into an Australian accent and said, "G'day folks, how ya goin?"

Russell Crowe smirked, but that did not stop Ryan Gosling, who was in full mood to become the highlight of the night. “It's OK, I'm an honorary Australian….I lived in New Zealand for like two years so..." said Ryan as the crowd went crazy. Meanwhile, Crowe also decided to play off his energy and added, "You know, New Zealand and Australia? It's a totally different place, right? Different countries."


This banter took the world by storm and left everyone laughing. At that time, Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe were shooting for the film that was released a year later in 2016. The movie is based on the mysterious death of a porn star in the 1970s.

Why The Nice Guys 2 Not Happening

Ryan Gosling, while promoting The Fall Guy recently, was in conversation with Comicbook when he was asked about The Nice Guys 2. Explaining why there can never be a sequel, Ryan Gosling said, "So much of a sequel, I think, is decided by the opening weekend of a movie, and we opened up against Angry Birds." Gosling explained, "So Angry Birds just destroyed us. Angry Birds got a sequel."

The Nice Guys is streaming on Lionsgate Play and can be accessed with your OTTplay Premium subscription. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else in the world of streaming and films.

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