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Is Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson’s alleged feud the reason behind Red Notice 2 delay? Here's everything we know

Red Notice, backed by Netflix, stars Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot in leading roles.

Is Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson’s alleged feud the reason behind Red Notice 2 delay? Here's everything we know
Red Notice 2 Delay Is Because Of Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson

Last Updated: 01.51 PM, May 05, 2024


It was in 2021 when three massively appealing stars came together to create Netflix’s most-watched film ever, giving the streamer a crown jewel in terms of viewership. Yes, we are talking about Red Notice, which stars Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and Gal Gadot. The movie opened to mixed reviews with quite a bit of harsh criticism, but that did not stop the audience from investing their time in watching the action thriller and making it the most-watched movie on Netflix of all time. That level of viewership ended up motivating the streamer to back a sequel. However, it has been three years, and we have heard nothing. Reports are now blaming a feud between Ryan and Dwayne.

Yes, you read that right. If you are uninitiated, both Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson have reportedly been at loggerheads for a very long time. The two massive Hollywood stars are reportedly not on speaking terms, which could be a substantial reason for the delay in everything around Red Notice. Reports have also stated that the makers already have a script in place for the sequel, but there has been no progress in any direction whatsoever. Read on to know everything you should about the same.


The Dwayne Johnson & Ryan Reynolds Feud

There were reports, according to Screen Rant, that Dwayne Johnson’s alleged unprofessionalism on sets was one of the most troubling issues. Specifically, on the sets of Red Notice, he was consistently late to the shoots, and one day, when he was late by five hours, it led to Ryan Reynolds lashing out at him. They reportedly stopped talking to each other for years after the incident. However, reports also suggested that the two stars reconciled later and everything was back on track, but there are no reports to substantiate that they have reconciled to an extent where they can work together again.

Just before the Red Notice set fiasco, another report claimed that Dwayne Johnson was also arriving late on the sets of Red One, sometimes by as long as eight hours, and there were also days when he wouldn't show up after keeping the team waiting. This behavior led to an additional $50 million over the budget for the film's makers.

Red Notice 2

While reports have stated that Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson have reconciled, there have been no public appearances of them together. And for a movie like Red Notice, which features the two leads sharing a playful relationship, their not being on speaking terms in real life is not ideal. The last reports about the movie were quite a while ago and stated that the script for the sequel was already completed. We haven't heard anything about the project since then.

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