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Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence under high security after gunshots were fired today; officers carry out investigation - Watch

Two unidentified men fired 3 rounds outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence early morning today, and an investigation is underway. 

Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence under high security after gunshots were fired today; officers carry out investigation - Watch
Security Beefed Up Outside Salman Khan's Residence

Last Updated: 10.25 AM, Apr 14, 2024


The nation is waking up to shocking news this Sunday as several rounds of bullets were fired into the air outside Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence in the early hours. An investigation was launched soon enough, and the entire fandom is worried about the well-being of their favorite superstar. The news broke a couple of hours ago and took the world by storm. Making their way into the mainstream are videos from outside the Galaxy apartments in Mumbai where the reported gunshots were fired in the city. Additionally, the Mumbai police have now also spoken about the incident through a spokesperson and confirmed the firing, outlining their immediate plan of action about the situation.

Investigation Begins Outside Salman Khan’s Residence

In a video that has now gone viral on the internet (via ANI), we can see police officers stationed outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai residence, Galaxy apartment, where the forensic team is carrying forward the investigation. The officer can be seen on the roof of a shop below the building, closely examining everything to find clues and evidence. According to earlier reports, the Mumbai police have begun the investigation and are trying to track down the unidentified men who fired the bullets.

However, earlier, it was said that there was one unidentified man who fired the bullets, but it turns out we now have confirmation that there were two. In a quote to ANI, Mumbai Police said, "Today at around 5 am, two unidentified people opened fire outside the house of actor Salman Khan in Bandra. Police have received information about 3 rounds of firing. Mumbai Police's Crime Branch has reached the spot for investigation.”

“The security has been beefed up outside the actor's residence at Galaxy apartments, and a forensic team is also present at the spot. We are checking the CCTV footage from the area and the surrounding locality to identify the accused,” the Mumbai police added. There are no more details about the incident that the cops have revealed as of yet. But the investigation is underway, and we can expect a detailed report about the incident very soon.

What Exactly Happened

For the uninitiated, at 5:00 am today, two unidentified men on a bike arrived outside Salman Khan’s Galaxy apartments in Mumbai and fired rounds of bullets into the air. They sped away after doing so, and there are no details about them or their motives clear as of yet. The Mumbai police soon began the investigation. Meanwhile, Salman has been receiving threats for a while now, adding more tension to the already worrisome environment. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else from the world of streaming and films.

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