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Sapta Sagaradaache Ello Side B: Netizens wonder what happens with Manu and Priya in 2020

After all the shades of blue in Side A, red will be the prominent hue as Manu gets payback, say audiences

Sapta Sagaradaache Ello Side B: Netizens wonder what happens with Manu and Priya in 2020
Rakshit in his look from Side B

Last Updated: 08.44 PM, Oct 17, 2023


Filmmaker Hemanth M Rao was absolutely right when he said that audiences will walk out of the theatre after Sapta Sagaradaache Ello Side A and carry the story and the characters in their hearts. He has told a beautiful albeit tragic love story that has audiences rooting for the lead pair, Rakshit Shetty as Manu and Rukmini Vasanth as Priya. Social media is inundated with praise for the film and the team, as well as some theories on how Hemanth will likely steer the story in Side B, which releases in theatres on October 20 .


For the benefit of those who are yet to watch Side A, we will try to present this as spoiler-free as possible. In the trailer of Sapta Sagaradaache Ello Side A, Hemanth has introduced a much-in-love couple, Manu and Priya, who end up separated owing to certain circumstances, with the former ending up behind bars. Yes, Manu makes a mistake, but the severity of his punishment comes down to the machinations of another person. The question, of course, that comes up is whether Manu and Priya’s relationship is strong enough to weather this impediment. Also, can Manu take the person who caused him and his relationship harm to task?

The general consensus among audiences who have seen Side A is that there will be a tonal shift in the narrative. Comments on social media range from, “Hoping for intense drama and action” to “Will there be more tragedy and a sad ending?”, “Will Manu finally be at peace?” and more. Also, given that the Side B teaser features Chaithra J Achar, audiences are wondering what she, as Surabhi, brings to the table. Is she the love interest that marks the end of Manu and Priya or is she an emotional support who helps him navigate the world after years in prison? These are some of the questions that audiences have about Side B and cannot wait for the second instalment to drop on October 20.

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