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Secret Home explores topics that people are reluctant to bring up in public, says director Abhayakumar | Exclusive

Secret Home, starring Chandunadh, Anu Mohan, Sshivada, and Aparna Das, is expected to release in February.

Secret Home explores topics that people are reluctant to bring up in public, says director Abhayakumar | Exclusive

Poster of Secret Home, Director Abhayakumar K

Last Updated: 08.12 PM, Jan 08, 2024


The director of the upcoming Malayalam thriller Secret Home, Abhayakumar K, stated in an interview with OTTplay that the film will cover a few topics that people in our society would be reluctant to bring up. He continued by saying that it will reveal some unfavourable realities and the characters' darker sides.

“We typically only see good-hearted or kind people as the main characters. All four of the film's main characters, he added, are shown to have a darker side,” he said.

The filmmaker added that the movie is based on a true crime story that happened in Kerala. "Whether it comes from the police or the media, we typically only hear one side of an incident. All sides of the case are explored in this movie," he said. He went on to say that Secret Home's poster and trailer would be out soon.

Abhayakumar also praised the film's artists for their courage and commitment in choosing to work on this project. He said that the film's core cast—Chandunadh, Anu Mohan, Sshivada, and Aparna Das—stayed on the set longer and added the improvisations that were needed to make their roles come to life.

Anil Kurian and Abhayakumar
Anil Kurian and Abhayakumar

The film’s screenplay has been penned by Anil Kurian. Abhayakumar and Anil have written screenplays for a number of films, including Chathur Mukham, Priyan Ottathilanu, and Kunjamminis Hospital.

"Our producer had faith in both our writing and us. To get the intended results, the entire team put forth a lot of effort," he continued.

Regarding his hopes for the audience's reaction, the director stated that he believes word-of-mouth will help the film do well. He added, "We are confident that the film would be an intriguing experience for the viewers, but we don't want to create a lot of hype."

In about 30 days, 31 locations in the Kottayam district were used for the filming of Secret Home. Sunny-fame Sanker Sharma composed three different soundtracks for the movie, which is expected to release in February. The film is bankrolled by Santhosh Thrivikraman.

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