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Secret Home release – The Aparna Das-starrer to hit the big screen on THIS date

Secret Home release - The main cast of the upcoming Malayalam film includes Chandhunadh, Sshivada, Anu Mohan, and Aparna Das.

Secret Home release – The Aparna Das-starrer to hit the big screen on THIS date
Posters of Secret Home

Last Updated: 03.27 PM, Mar 04, 2024


Secret Home release - The theatrical release date of the upcoming Malayalam film Secret Home has been confirmed by the makers. They disclosed that March 15 will mark the big screen debut of the thriller drama. The main cast of Secret Home includes Chandhunadh, Sshivada, Anu Mohan, and Aparna Das. Abhayakumar K has directed the movie.


Secret Home postponed to March 15

The movie will now be released in the second week of this month, instead of on March 1, as was previously planned. A number of recent Malayalam films, including Secret Home, had their releases postponed for unknown reasons.

Unfortunately, the unexpected strike by the Film Exhibitors United Organisation of Kerala (FEUOK) and the uncertainty surrounding the release of movies in the midst of some box office hits delayed the release of a number of films in February.

What is Secret Home all about?

In the intriguing teaser, Aparna Das' character starts having hallucinations after visiting a strange mansion. She keeps thinking about it and the strange things the mansion is telling her. This encourages her to look into the mansion's troubled past.

Secret Home, which is set in the Kottayam area of Kerala, centres around four individuals who become involved in a grisly crime involving an odd mansion with multiple secrets. As the narrative progresses, the characters' ambiguities become more apparent. The teaser promises an engrossing story without revealing any spoilers. In general, fans are interested in learning about the troubled events that had happened at the house in the past.

The movie, according to filmmaker Abhayakumar, is based on a true crime narrative that happened in Kerala. We usually only hear one side of an incident, whether it comes from the media or the police.

However, the director stated in an interview that "all sides of the case are explored in this film." He continued by saying that viewers are accustomed to seeing kind individuals play the main roles in films. However, the film's four central characters are not without flaws.

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