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Shark Tank India 3 - Will this pitcher’s solution for anger management secure him the ‘deal pakki’ sign?

Season 3 of Shark Tank India has seen many unique pitches so far. But the one that featured a probable solution for anger management seems to take the cake!

Shark Tank India 3 - Will this pitcher’s solution for anger management secure him the ‘deal pakki’ sign?

Most unique pitch on Shark Tank India 3

Last Updated: 01.57 PM, Feb 21, 2024


Ever since the Indian version of Shark Tank made its way to television, it has been making news for many reasons (mostly positive). The show has seen unique pitches from people across the length and breadth of India. Some pitches have been so unique that there were many times when even the Sharks said lines like, "It’s nice to see India progressing" and "The future of India is in safe hands".

When a pitcher started smashing things in front of the Sharks!

The upcoming episode of Shark Tank India 3 will have an extremely unique pitch. A glimpse of this was seen in the episode promo that was released by the channel on social media. He entered Shark Tank 3 fully armed with safety gear. He then took a bat and entered a specialised cabin that was made with make-shift bricks that contained many household items.

Will 'The Rage Room' prove to be the answer to anger management?

In no time, he started smashing all the items one by one, putting all the Sharks in a quandary. Just when they were about to say something, the pitcher moved aside to reveal ‘The Rage Room’, which he claimed is an outlet for a person’s anger.

Explaining his pitch to the sharks, he said that ‘The Rage Room’ consists of many items like a TV, washing machine, fridge, mixer grinder, air conditioner, computer, etc. This evoked an instant response in the form of laughter from all the judges. Will the smiles on the faces of the Sharks translate into a sealed deal? 

Watch a new episode of Shark Tank India Season 3, Monday to Friday, at 10 pm on Sony LIV.

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