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Soundtrack #2 Episode 3, 4 Recap and Review – Story turns monotonous after the initial episodes as it veers into a predictable ending

Directed by Choi Jung Gyu and Kim Hee Won – Soundtrack 2 stars, Geum Sae-rok as the piano instructor, Hyeon-seo and Steve Noh as Suho, a young and influential CEO of a music company.

Soundtrack #2 Episode 3, 4 Recap and Review – Story turns monotonous after the initial episodes as it veers into a predictable ending
Soundtrack #2 still

Last Updated: 07.01 AM, Dec 15, 2023


Disney+Hotstar is making weekdays interesting with its new kdrama, Soundtrack #2, which is the sequel of the series and returns to a musical love story with a twisted fate trope in the backdrop of big-city life in Seoul. With new faces joining the cast, the series piqued the interest of the viewers.

Directed by Choi Jung Gyu and Kim Hee Won – Soundtrack 2 stars, Geum Sae-rok as the piano instructor, Hyeon-seo and Steve Noh as Suho, a young and influential CEO of a music company.

The last two episodes (Episodes 1 and 2) started the journey of two fated ex-lovers meeting again and striking to reconnect through music.  The duo was joined by a guitarist and singer named K, who also shared a brief past with the female protagonist. Read on to know what happened in the recently released two episodes!

Episodes 3 Recap

The third episode commences when Hyeon-seo catches both her past strings at the same place. She is shocked to know that her Chingu (friend in Korean) is staying up and making music for none other than her ex and piano student, Suho. The three leads quickly get acquainted with each other and K while practicing asks Seo’s help to make music with him as he seems stuck in a chord. 

The musical duo then plays a melodious Piano riff, while Suho is fuming with jealousy. He also calls out the other two for not making the “right” music but is ignored as the confident musicians are enjoying their company and music creation. Although K offers Seo to team up with him, she diligently refuses the offer saying she is leaving music and is now focused on her growing business dreams.

Later, we see K asking Seo to grab a drink together as he can’t sleep. In multiple timelines, it is revealed that Seo has now taken up K’s offer because of a special reason and K confesses his feelings for Hyeon-seo to Suho. During the conversation in the love triangle, K asks Suho about his difficult journey towards fame as a YouTube creator and things turn awkward between him and Seo when a flashback takes us back in time when the couple grappled to face reality while chasing their dreams. He slightly hints to Seo in the present that his efforts back then were shrugged ruthlessly and dubbed “nothing.” He also notices a surgical mark on the girl’s wrist.

The Bonus track reveals that reconnecting with her passion for music made her realize that she has to give a passionate goodbye before embarking on her business venture to make her feel at ease. The past life flashbacks defend partially why Seo stood up to Suho for their Santiago trip. The troubled past scenes show Seo visiting a doctor who advises immediate surgery for her.

Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode begins with Seo and Suho discussing why the former thinks that she would have ended things even if it wasn’t for the surgery and blames it on their different personalities. While one chasing dreams and working for them, the other chooses the easier path without challenges and risks. 

However, it only gave her financial troubles. When Suho asks why she nodded to work with him, she quikly lies that everything narrowed down to money for her. Leaving him in the past due to money troubles and reteaming with him in the present because of money as well. This shatters Suho’s heart once again and he leaves abruptly. 

The next morning both the leads are scrunching their faces and lost spirits when K tries to cheer them up and offers to go to a record label to check out the shoot location. It is also disclosed that K’s Korean name is Bongil, which was named after a famous martyr of Korea, this revelation touches Seo’s heart and makes Suho angry.

However, their plans to step out get derailed when Suho’s COO and close friend Hong Chang-sik caught them all in the act and expressed disapproval citing his health concern. But after a while he understands and lets them all continue with the project. In the record shop, Suho gets that weird sound in his ears and he collapses on the ground in the aftermath of tinnitus. 

This scene brings concern and faded romantic emotions for Seo when she sees Suho falling on the ground. When Seo goes to her friend Jingyeong to help, Suho and Chang-sik join the ladies and share drinks after the work shift. The former lovers then leave for another shot of drinks at Seo’s house, where they get cozy on a piano and share the past pain with Suho confessing his bursting hate for Seo over the last few years. He says that he hated her and truly resented her, secretly wishing that he could return the pain tenfold when they met again. But all the hate and pain melted when it happened and they shared a beautiful kiss amid tears and hugs.

In the bonus track, K expresses his feelings to Seo and asks her to give it a thought, while also revealing that he is aware of the shared past between Suho and Seo.


Episode 3, 4 Review

The third and fourth episodes followed the same multiple timeline approach with past and present trying to eliminate the voids left in the story. Although the past and present flashback elements add to the uniqueness, the overdoing of it can steal its beauty. 

With the already used “jealous male leads” formula the episodes veered from the musical journey as the record-making and musical creation was just 2-3 scenes while adding the usual drinking and sharing moments to the plot. I liked that it somehow explained how we wish to return the pain and insults after a heartbreaking separation but the feelings quickly melt if the lover is already on the path of true love, with or without the other half. 

The series also showcases the tough reality of leaving our bigger dreams for a secure future and when it is about a passion or money, a large proportion of us goes for the latter. It is fascinating to watch if the last two upcoming episodes delve into the same love triangle trope in a unique ending or with former lovers reuniting in a monotonous way.

All episodes are streaming on Disney+Hotstar

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