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Spider-Man 4 – Sony winning release date argument, Marvel stubborn on plot; Will this lead to a change in dates for The Fantastic Four and Blade?

The alleged tug-of-war between Marvel and Sony over Spider-Man 4 has led to a lot of rumours floating on the internet. We reveal the latest exciting details. 

Spider-Man 4 – Sony winning release date argument, Marvel stubborn on plot; Will this lead to a change in dates for The Fantastic Four and Blade?
Spider-Man 4 Update

Last Updated: 08.30 PM, Feb 24, 2024


There is a whole lot of noise around the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is currently making several projects. While The Fantastic Four, Blade, Midnight Sons, and more are constantly creating a buzz, one movie that has the maximum attention and massive anticipation attached to it is Spider-Man 4. We already know it is going to be Tom Holland who will play the superhero but the latest reports hint at some tension between Marvel and Sony over the release date and plot of the movie. It turns out that both parties are now coming to some conclusion in the ongoing negotiation.

The New Spider-Man 4 Update

While nothing in this is confirmed yet, and we are not completely aware of what is going on behind closed doors at the Marvel campus, a new rumour is that Sony is still pushing for an early release of Spider-Man 4. If the earlier reports are to be recalled, Marvel bosses are in no hurry to rush the fourth film in the franchise and want to take it slow. 


But Sony, the co-creator of Spider-Man, wants to release the movie in 2025 itself. A scoop from Holy Field M5 on X says that Sony is pushing the studio to release the movie on July 25, 2025. And Marvel, if it agrees, will push The Fantastic Four to late 2025 and Blade to early 2026.

This isn’t the end of the new update. If you remember, there was a tug-of-war between the studios about the plot and premise of the movie too. It was said that Sony wanted Spider-Man 4 to be a grand movie like Spider-Man: No Way Home, which turned out to be an event movie. Marvel, on the other hand, is planning a street-level film to begin their new trilogy. It turns out Marvel is winning on this end of the argument and might convince Sony to make a street-level movie.

About Marvel and Sony Line-Ups

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Sony wants Spider-Man 4 to release as soon as possible because their plans for the Spidery world have gone for a toss with their recently released Dakota Johnson-led Madame Web. The movie has turned out to be the worst-performing Spider-Man adaptation ever. The studio has an entire lineup ready in their Spider-Man universe but with this one performing so badly, the fear is real.

As for Marvel, the studio already has a whole lot on its plate, as they are already dealing with the multiverse, welcoming the mutants, and also having a digital wing. So accommodating Spider-Man 4 into this on the fast track is burdening the entire process. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more information on this and everything else in the world of streaming and films.

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