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Stranger Things Season 5: Maya Hawke says 'we're making, basically, eight movies'

Maya Hawke reflects on the challenges as filming for Stranger Things Season 5 begins.

Stranger Things Season 5: Maya Hawke says 'we're making, basically, eight movies'
Maya Hawke on Stranger Things Season 5

Last Updated: 04.11 PM, Jul 02, 2024


Maya Hawke has updated fans on the status of Stranger Things' fifth and final season filming. Numerous issues have arisen with the Netflix series. The pandemic halted the sci-fi series' fourth season in March 2020, and the writers' and performers' strike delayed the fifth season in 2023. With Hawke joking on Podcrushed that this show has been a little bit cursed, filming for Season 5 began in January 2024.

Involvement of showrunners (Duffer Brothers)

She added that Matt and Ross, who are the showrunners, shoulder a lot of the load. According to her, they are quite involved, despite having an amazing team of writers. They spend a lot of time writing and filming each season, and they're really serious about the quality of the ongoing writing. Hawke went on to say, "We’re making, basically, eight movies. The episodes are very long."

According to the actor, filming the eight episodes that make up Stranger Things' fifth and final season will take approximately a year.

Maya Hawke's expectations for her character

Hawke revealed her expectations for Stranger Things' last season in 2022, stating that she hoped Robin would have a hero's moment. She expressed her desire to die and experience a hero's moment in an interview with Rolling Stone. Every actor dreams of dying with dignity, and she is no exception. However, she adores the Duffer Brothers' devotion to their actors. Because their writing is so eloquent, they develop strong feelings for their characters and actors, and it is difficult to let go of them. Hawke wouldn't want that lovely trait taken away from them.

The actor had mixed feelings regarding the narrative involving Robin's girlfriend at the close of Season 4 of Stranger Things, which led into the final season. In June 2023, Hawke spoke to Yahoo! Entertainment about her love life and how she loves people whose romantic lives are not the focus of their lives. She added that both things are great.

Hawke elaborated on how Joe Keery's Steve would get less screen time if Robin had a girlfriend. Hawke remarked, "That friendship with Steve is so special." Additionally, her friendships have kept her afloat. They deserve the spotlight because, in the actor's opinion, they are vital.

Netflix has not yet announced the release date for Stranger Things Season 5.

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