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Code red! Stranger Things Season 5 production in full swing with mystery and intrigue

Filming begins in Hawkins for Stranger Things Season 5, unveiling secrets of the Upside Down.

Code red! Stranger Things Season 5 production in full swing with mystery and intrigue
On the sets of Stranger Things Season 5

Last Updated: 06.54 PM, May 19, 2024


Production on Stranger Things Season 5 has begun, according to an incoming message from Hawkins, Indiana. Reminisce about your beloved geeks. Once again, they're back, prepared or not, for whatever the beloved series' last season has in store for them, courtesy of Vecna. The process has begun for Stranger Things Season 5 already. Production recommenced on January 8, 2024.

Teasers from Stranger Things Day 2023

As 2023's Stranger Things Day came to a close, the @strangerwriters X page shared one more treat with fans: the opening lines of Season 5, Chapter 1, Scene 1.

On Stranger Things Day 2022, the makers revealed the title of the fifth season opener episode, The Crawl. They hope people have been speculating about its possible significance to them. The Crawl: What Is It? Is anyone else crawling? Why are they scuttling about? Next, where are they going to crawl?

Nearly one month after the release of Season 4, Volume 2 of Stranger Things, the writers began developing Season 5 on August 2, 2022. Starting on August 25, 2022, when they began the grid stage of writing each episode, and ending on September 20, 2022, they have graciously updated the fans on the progress of Season 5's writing process on multiple occasions since then.

Linda Hamilton joins the cast

At Tudum: A Global Fan Event in 2023, Linda Hamilton—known for her roles in The Terminator, Children of the Corn, and Chuck—announced her casting as a new cast member for Season 5 of Stranger Things. Concerning specifics regarding her role, well, that's as enigmatic as the Upside Down. However, it's clear that she loves the show. During her video announcement at Tudum, she admitted that she doesn't know how to be a fangirl and an actor at the same time. Thus, she will attend to that.

Series creators Matt and Ross Duffer penned Season 1's 25-page mythology study for Netflix, previously revealed to Tudum. The goal, according to Matt Duffer, is to keep it a mystery. They want what's happening in the Upside Down to be unknowable, but they know, sort of, what's going on there. However, they made sure to record everything.

Season 5 promises more revelations

Season 4 covered a lot about the Upside Down, but Season 5 promises even more revelations. During Geeked Week in June 2022, Ross Duffer disclosed that they have punted a couple of those last remaining questions to have some big reveals in Season 5. The document contained the answers to all of the remaining questions. That will significantly impact the plot of Season 5.

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