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Suits star Patrick J Adams saying ‘It is possible’ to a reunion movie has left us all restless - here's everything we know so far

Suits premiered on Netflix in 2023, four years after it concluded and the frenzy is still fresh like day one. 

Suits star Patrick J Adams saying ‘It is possible’ to a reunion movie has left us all restless - here's everything we know so far
Is Suits Reunion Movie Possible?

Last Updated: 10.30 AM, Jun 03, 2024


The fanbase and frenzy that legacy shows across the world enjoy is so fascinating because looking at the relevance of any content that stays intact even after decades of its release is indeed iconic. Sitcoms like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and Seinfeld have become legendary, but there are also some more contemporary ones that are on track to become a part of this coveted list. One of the shows that is fast grabbing its position on this list is the ever-so-stellar Suits. The drama that involves the world of law has fans across the world, and they have been hooked to every season of the show religiously. However, there were rumors that there could be a Suits movie in the making, and it turns out Patrick J. Adams and Dulé Hill have now opened up about the same.

Suits Reunion Film Is Possible?

For the unversed, when Suits was released on Netflix in 2023 after the streaming giant acquired the rights, the buzz was no less than the premiere night of a fresh show. While the fans were quick to settle down and begin binge-watching because they had a new reason, the ones in the West soon realized that the last and final season of the show (until now) is yet to drop on the streamer, and they were curious to know the season. But while they are about to find out when season 9 drops, Patrick and Dulé give them another massive surprise. Read on to know more.


Netflix did a Suits reunion to announce the season 9 release date at the Tudum event at the ATX TV Festival in Austin, Texas. The event saw Patrick J. Adams, Amanda Schull, Sarah Rafferty, Dulé Hill, and former USA Network president Jeff Wachtel all under one roof, only to announce the arrival of season 9 on Netflix. It is here that they were asked if they were looking at a Suits reunion movie, and the responses were very positive. Patrick J. Adams (via Screenrant) said, “It’s definitely something [creator Aaron Korsh] is interested in doing, trying to get the band back together. It’s gonna depend on a million things if that can happen, but it is possible.” Adding to the same, Dulé Hill said, “I’ll say as a fan of USA shows becoming films, I would definitely like to be doing another one.”

About Suits

The fan-favorite show that now streams on Netflix follows Mike Ross, a guy not educated enough for a job but knows how to climb up a ladder by using his wit and cunning moves. He plots a plan to secure a position as an associate with Manhattan’s best closer, Harvey Specter. But he is not alone in this game, as there are new twists and turns as he aims to climb higher and higher.

Suits dropped on Netflix four years after the conclusion in 2019 with season 9. Upon its Netflix premiere, the show broke streaming records, and the only thing everyone was discussing was Suits. It was on the top of Nielsen’s overall streaming charts for 12 weeks straight and managed to garner over 2.3 billion viewing minutes for several weeks in a row. As per the latest update, Suits Season 9 will premiere on Netflix on July 1 in the West. The streaming giant has confirmed this on Sunday in the most starry way possible. For the Indian audience, all 9 seasons are streaming on Netflix.

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