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Sunflower 2- Audiences will be shocked to the core to see an extremely complex character like mine, says Adah Sharma| EXCLUSIVE

Even though she is a ‘newcomer’ in the upcoming season of Sunflower 2, Adah Sharma is sure that she will shock the audiences with her portrayal in the series

Sunflower 2- Audiences will be shocked to the core to see an extremely complex character like mine, says Adah Sharma| EXCLUSIVE
Adah Sharma in Sunflower 2

Last Updated: 08.47 PM, Feb 27, 2024


If you are one of those who have seen and have loved the first series of the extremely loved series Sunflower, which revolves around the murder mystery… be ready to love it furthermore as the makers are now ready with the second series. The second season of the show will see a new addition (read ‘attraction’) in the form of Adah Sharma, who promises that her role in the series is something that has never-before seen anytime till date. 

The stunning Adah Sharma was in an exclusive conversation with OTTplay.


In a nutshell, what's your character in Sunflower 2 all about?
Honestly, it will be very difficult to put my character Rosie in a nutshell. The reason is because, even though Rosie is a bar dancer, she's so intriguing that one cannot even imagine. You will know what I mean when you actually see her character in the series Sunflower 2.

The moment you tend to imagine her character to be like this, the very next moment, you will be forced to think that her character is not like this, but like that! In a nutshell, if I had to tell you about my character, all that I can say is that, at one time, she is extremely intense and the very next moment, she is super funny. In one moment, she is evil, the very next moment, she is super sweet!

Seems interesting! That really makes us wonder as to what was the director’s brief to you about your role in the series?
While my director was explaining the character sketch of Rosie (my character in Sunflower 2), the only thing that he told me was to keep it real and do the role with utmost sincerity and genuineness.

He said, even if the requirement in a scene of my character in Sunflower 2 was to be seductive or even sad, then, do it genuinely, as that’s one quality that really gets the audiences attracted to the characters.

Adah, the first season of Sunflower had a few cuss words. What about Sunflower season two? Does your character use cuss words?
My character in Sunflower 2 is that of a bar dancer named Rosie. But, no… there was no such need for my character to use any cuss words in the series.

Adah, tell us as to what made you say yes to the role in Sunflower 2? Was it the script or your role or the entire series in general?
To tell you the truth, there are way too many things (read ‘reasons’) which actually made me say yes to the series when it was offered to me. Honestly speaking, I have never seen a role like this written for anyone till date.

Trust me on this, when I say that, the audiences will be shocked to see an extremely complex character like Rosie. I cannot take credit for the way how lovely my character has shaped up, because the entire credit goes to my director Navin Gujral.

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