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Sunflower 2- The entire series is wholesome entertainment to the power of three, says Adah Sharma | EXCLUSIVE

After mesmerizing everyone with her splendid performance in The Kerala Story, Adah Sharma is back again with Sunflower 2, that has got premiered today on Zee 5

Sunflower 2- The entire series is wholesome entertainment to the power of three, says Adah Sharma | EXCLUSIVE
Adah Sharma in Sunflower 2

Last Updated: 11.57 PM, Mar 01, 2024


Today, the much awaited second season of the series Sunflower got released on the OTT platform Zee5. Those who have seen the second part, just cannot stop raving about the meticulous direction and also the splendid performances by the cast. Speaking about the cast of Sunflower 2, there is one ‘beautiful addition’ this season in the form of Adah Sharma, who had rocked and shocked everyone with her role in The Kerala Story. By her own admission, her role in Sunflower 2 will rock and shock everyone, but in a different manner! OTTplay met up with the lady Adah Sharma herself for an exclusive interview. Here are the excerpts:


Since the time everyone got to know that you are playing an integral role in the second season of the series Sunflower 2, how has been the response?
I will not lie when I say that, since the time people got to know that I am playing a part in Sunflower 2, my phone has not stopped ringing and also my social media is overflowing with compliments from many. Those who have seen the first season of Sunflower, too, are equally excited to see me and the character that I play this season.

Will it be right for us to term you as the ‘turning point’ of the entire series?
To this, I want to tell everyone that they should quickly tune into Zee 5 and watch Sunflower 2 in order to know the answer. Not just the answer to this question, many of their questions will be answered when they see the series. (smiles).

Besides being an actress, you are also an animal lover and a painter. Have you ever thought of auctioning your paintings and helping the distressed animals with that money that you get from the auction?
Oh my goodness! What a brilliant idea this is. I have lots of paintings at my home. Very soon, you will hear some good news on this front. (smiles).

There are many of your fans (who are reading this) who are very inquisitive to know that, do you still start your day with the whistle that rhymes with the change of the cuckoo clock, something that you had told in one of your earliest interviews…
Yeah, I actually do that. But, this time, I have real birds who come and visit my place. That is so cute.

Before we wrap up, can you cite three reasons for a person to watch Sunflower 2?
Wholesome entertainment to the power of three! (smiles)

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