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The Boys OTT release date - Watch the Tamil comedy film about 5 roommates’ quirky lives on THIS platform

The Boys OTT release date - This Tamil comedy flick is the perfect pick-me-up for the hot Summer. Filled with laughter and fun, it's surely to bring you a smile on your face

The Boys OTT release date - Watch the Tamil comedy film about 5 roommates’ quirky lives on THIS platform

The Boys

Last Updated: 12.55 PM, May 03, 2024


Is the Summer heat turning up the pressure at work? Feeling like you are stuck in a sweaty cycle of deadlines? Well, worry no more! Aha Tamil is here to serve you a refreshing escape with their upcoming film, The Boys. This hilarious film dives into the lives of 5 male roommates, who got the power to enjoy their lives to the fullest. There's no tension and no struggles. We know you all dream about that, isn't it?

When to watch The Boys

The Boys was released in March this year, it made an average collection at the box office. However, director Santhosh Peter Jayakumar’s storytelling will definitely strike your mind. So, keep an eye on Aha Tamil, as The Boys is coming soon on May 7, 2024. You can also watch the comedy through OTTplay Premium.

Name The Boys
Genre Horror-comedy
Director Santhosh P. Jayakumar
Cast Santhosh P. Jayakumar, Sha Ra, Arshad, KPY Vinoth, Yuvaraj Ganesan, Redin Kingsley
Release date May 7, 2024
Streaming platform Aha Tamil

The Boys story

The story revolves around five friends - Karthi, Akira, Kolaar, Baby, and James, who are also roommates, are famous for their notorious and free-spirited personalities. For them responsibility? Not their cup of tea. Priority? All about having a good time, and chasing laughter, fun and adventure wherever it leads them. However, one fine morning, their heavenly world is about to take an unexpected turn when they move to a new house.

The new house is oozing with hidden secrets, promising something more than just a roof over the head. The quirky and uncertainties begin to turn their lives upside down in the most hilarious way possible. The film will make you feel extremely absurd in the best way possible when the five friends begin to experience weird things in the mysterious house.


What to expect?

Forget the typical blood hungry moments and ear bursting screams. The ghosts in The Boys ditch their usual demonic possession in favour of a hilarious hunting. In the trailer, we get to see when they try to possess each of those men, the end result will make you burst into laughter, rather than a bone-chilling encounter. Unlike most horror films where ghosts are driven by vengeance or some kind of unfinished business, in The Boys, these demons will motivate you to have fun in a weird way.

So don't waste time. Watch The Boys on May 7, and put it in your favourites’ list soon.

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