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Ted - All you need to know about the Seth MacFarlane-led prequel series

Seth MacFarlane unleashes hilarious nostalgia in the upcoming Ted: The Series.

Ted - All you need to know about the Seth MacFarlane-led prequel series
Ted: The Series

Last Updated: 01.43 PM, Jan 10, 2024


Seth MacFarlane is back with Ted: The Series. The two feature films, Ted and Ted 2, followed 20-something Boston native John Bennett as he led an entertaining but emotionally stunted life with his talking teddy bear friend Ted, who he had brought to life when he was 10 years old. Now he's back with the series based on those films.

A fanciful and risqué premise

More than a decade after the last film ended, MacFarlane is bringing this sentient teddy bear back for a background that is both fanciful and risqué, rather than picking up where the last film left off. The show follows the early years of this talking teddy bear as he resides in Massachusetts with John Bennett and his family in 1993, following the opening sequence of the original Ted.

In the trailer for his much-anticipated prequel, Seth MacFarlane sets the scenario. The trailer opens with John and Ted resting in their bunk beds, discussing Ted's impending and terrifying plans to attend high school with John. This takes place years after the family discovers Ted's sentient skills. After a string of mishaps nearly wrecked the house, John's parents figured it was best to send him to school instead of letting him be all day. Due to their increased social interaction at school, Ted and John use drugs for the first time, try to attract females, and form some adversaries.

Check out the trailer below:


Stellar ensemble cast

Joining MacFarlane as Ted is a stellar ensemble that includes Alanna Ubach of Euphoria, who played Alex Borstein's mom Susan before; Scott Grimes, who has collaborated with MacFarlane on American Dad! as Stan Smtih's geeky adolescent son Steve; Max Burkholder, who was Max Braverman on Parenthood; and John, played by Max Burkholder. Anybody who is eagerly anticipating the premiere of this new series may get all the information they need regarding when, where, and how to watch this thrilling and humorous prequel series right here.

On January 12, 2024, the TV series will make its debut on JioCinema. The first season will include eight episodes, all of which will release on the same day.

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