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Temptation Island India: Navisha and Arjun Aneja have an emotional discussion; wonder what's the outcome!

The upcoming episode of Temptation Island India will see Navisha and Arjun Aneja having an emotional discussion with each other

Temptation Island India: Navisha and Arjun Aneja have an emotional discussion; wonder what's the outcome!

PC: Instagram accounts of Navisha / Arjun Aneja

Last Updated: 07.42 PM, Nov 20, 2023


What started off as an also-ran of the reality show Splitsvilla has now, within a short span of time, become the talk of the town. We are indeed referring to the ongoing reality show Temptation Island India. When the promos and teasers of the show were out, there were many eyebrows which were raised. Many even challenged the existence of such a ‘real-reality’ show in a still-conservative country like India. But, as the days progressed, the audiences started understanding the basic crux of the show. the last few days have been really heavy for a bunch of contestants on the show.

There have been many revelations about the contestants, which has definitely not just shocked their respective partners, but also the audiences who have been following the show closely. As per a latest promo that has been released, it shows the two contestants Navisha and Arjun Aneja having an extremely emotional discussion.

The latest video shows Navisha making an honest confession to Arjun Aneja, wherein she states that, she is just not liking it now, while referring to the spot in which she was in right now, she never was and she could not even imagine her in that spot. She reasoned the same stating that, that was not her as a personality. She added that, the limit and level with which she felt for Arjun, she did not feel the same for any other (contestant).

She also added that, even though she had never spoken about it on the show, the fact remined that, she also takes her time to open up emotionally before anyone. She also added that, the main reason for which she flirts was because, she wanted to avoid opening up emotionally. She said that, she, by her own will was opening up before him (Arjun) and that she also understood that he needed time.

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