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Tharun Moorthy: L360’s emotional story will be elevated by Mohanlal's performance | Exclusive

Director Tharun Moorthy reveals what to expect from Mohanlal’s upcoming film L360, its storyline and also its release plans

Tharun Moorthy: L360’s emotional story will be elevated by Mohanlal's performance | Exclusive
Tharun Moorthy and Mohanlal

Last Updated: 06.29 PM, Mar 19, 2024


Through his two films – Operation Java and Saudi Vellakka, director Tharun Moorthy has already proved that he has a knack for telling stories that have a strong emotional core and can move the audience. So, it was a hugely exciting news when Mohanlal announced that he will be teaming up with the filmmaker for his upcoming movie tentatively titled #L360.

In an exclusive chat with OTTplay, Tharun explains that it was a huge honour that after the critically acclaimed Saudi Vellakka, which is currently streaming on Sony LIV, that producer M Renjith and co-writer KR Sunil approached him for the Mohanlal-starrer.

“The emotional layers of the film as well as the characters were what prompted them to approach me. Lal sir’s camp also felt that it would be good if I do the film and that’s how I came onboard,” he explains.

Mohanlal’s character in L360 will appeal to all: Tharun Moorthy

There’s also a strong rumour that the film is based on the story of Sunil’s Benz Vasu, which G Prajith was supposed to direct back in 2017. However, Tharun dismisses this.

“This project is entirely different. The protagonist is a common man and there’s a Mohanlal factor that would appeal to people across all age groups. When the production team approached me, they narrated only the character and an event. Everything else, we had to start from scratch,” he says. “But that thread had excited Lalettan a long time before, when he first heard it. When we do a film in 2024, we have to keep the audience’s sensibilities in mind as well.”

The filmmaker explains that he and his team along with co-writer KR Sunil have been “working on the script – writing and rewriting it multiple times – for over a year now”. “All of us are Mohanlal fan boys,” he adds.

Ask him if the movie has the elements that have worked so well for his previous films and he immediately says, “This movie has an emotional story that will move the audience. It’s not made dramatic for the sake of cinema; the events are all organic and that’s what I liked to do as a filmmaker because then it becomes convincing for the audience. And when you add that with the Lalettan factor, it further elevates the film. That’s what is guiding us – from the scripting to shooting and then to release and after.”

Further on Mohanlal’s role in the movie, Tharun says that he has always tried to ensure that his characters and their emotions are rooted. “We are trying it in this film too. There’s some heroism but it’s a great character. The protagonist is also the reason I decided to do the film and that excitement was there through every stage of the scripting process – in terms of how he reacts to situations to detailing his mannerisms,” he explains.


L360 release plans revealed

On Mohanlal's reaction when he heard the script, the director says, “He was curious about every single scene. There are a lot of great moments in the movie. We had the first sitting before he left for the US and another one after he returned to discuss the second half of the movie. He said he was excited about it and wanted the film to go on floors immediately; that’s how it got fast-tracked.”

The film is expected to go on floors in April. “It will mostly be in a single schedule with few breaks. The plan is to release the movie soon after we are done shooting,” Tharun concludes.

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