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The Beekeeper OTT release date in India - Here's when and where to watch Jason Statham's actioner online

Prepare for intense action as Jason Statham's latest thriller, The Beekeeper, is set to arrive on OTT in India this April.

The Beekeeper OTT release date in India - Here's when and where to watch Jason Statham's actioner online
Jason Statham in a still from The Beekeeper

Last Updated: 04.09 PM, Apr 04, 2024


Jason Statham's return is more exciting than ever, as he will destroy the place by setting it on fire. With this nail-biting film, fans may once again get their adrenaline fix from the action expert. Statham's The Beekeeper will premiere digitally in India on April 26, exclusively on Lionsgate Play.

Unveiling the intriguing plot of The Beekeeper

In his role as the unhinged Derek Danforth, Josh Hutcherson reveals his not-so-chocolate boy side in this high-octane thriller. David Ayer's The Beekeeper follows protagonist Adam Clay as he seeks revenge for the exploitation of someone close to him. But as the story progresses, we find out that Clay has more than simply honey extraction skills. Lionsgate Play is where you can catch every famous Statham film, so brace yourself for spectacular sequences, lethal showdowns, and more.


When discussing his character, Jason Statham remarked that what they do know is that Clay possesses an extraordinary set of skills. His role in protecting civilization is akin to that of a super army. In times when the community is unable to defend itself, he steps in as a beekeeper to restore harmony. That is the essence of Adam Clay—he is one of those guys who doesn't actually exist. His arrival is like a ghostly reversal of fortune.

Director David Ayer's insight into Statham's character

As an additional point, director David Ayer stated that Statham's character is not rushing around with a weapon all the time. It is only one of many tools that he employs, and he might disassemble a gun and use its parts to make a club or a stabbing weapon. The concept of a beekeeper having a magician's hands was almost there; they were aware of his limitless capabilities.

Even though it had a small release, the film was the first surprise hit of 2024 in Hollywood because it struck a chord with audiences.

Lionsgate Play is the only place you can watch The Beekeeper beginning on April 26, 2024.

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