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The Broken News Season 2 - Get ready to be wowed by Shriya Pilgaonkar's bold moves in each episode, here's a glimpse

After exciting fans with several sneak peeks, ZEE5 is releasing The Broken News Season 2 tomorrow, May 3, 2024

The Broken News Season 2 - Get ready to be wowed by Shriya Pilgaonkar's bold moves in each episode, here's a glimpse

Shriya Pilgaonkar from The Broken News

Last Updated: 06.33 PM, May 02, 2024


Finally! There are a few hours left to experience the rollercoaster ride of thrilling twists and turns in the media industry with The Broken News Season 2. Sonali Bendre, Jaideep Ahlawat and Shriya Pilgaonkar are almost here with new cunning strategies as they hustle for their careers, racing against time in the political drama series. Debuted in 2022, Season 2 is finally releasing after 2 years with new struggles among journalists and the 2 media powerhouses, Awaaz Bharati and Josh 24x7.

Shriya Piogaonkar's bold and daring moves in The Broken News 2

This thrilling battle for TRPs has excited viewers so much that The Broken News is currently the 10th most searched show on ZEE5, according to Google. As Season 2 is releasing tomorrow, May 3, the streaming giant is leaving no stone unturned to provoke its viewers with the latest sneak peeks every day. For instance, ZEE5 dropped a glimpse about Shriya Pilgaonkar's staggering personality changes today, and her gripping, bold dialogues.

In the previous season, Radha Bhargava (Shriya Pilgaonkar) was publicly accused and labelled a terrorist by Dipankar Sanyal (Jaideep Ahlawat) on national television. This time, in Season 2, it seems like we will get to see Radha’s rage and her thirst for revenge. In the sneak peek, we can see Shriya saying, “Mujhe iss system ko saaf karna hai, toh haath bhi gandey karne parenge (I want to clean this system, so I will also have to get my hands dirty).”

In another scene, we get to see Shriya screaming on national television that she doesn't fear anybody anymore. On the other hand, Jaideep is seen challenging her by saying that he will see what she can do. Each and every glimpse from Season 2 is oozing suspense, thrills, and mind-blowing performances by the actors.

What to expect from The Broken News Season 2

The Broken News Season 2 will continue to explore the vicious competition between the lead characters, Ameena Qureshi (Sonali Bendre), Dipankar Sanyal (Jaideep Ahlawat) and Radha Bhargava (Shriya Pilgaonkar). The competition between 2 renowned news channels, Awaaz Bharati and Josh 24x7, spills over from the newsroom, blurring the lines between professionalism and personal connection.


The official trailer for The Broken News Season 2 opens with a scene of Radha Bhargava declaring that she will throw dirt back at Dipankar Sanyal after he called her out on national television. As the trailer continues, it shows us how Dipankar is a master at adding ‘masala’ to news. However, Ameena Qureshi (Sonali Bendre) is seen trying her level best to maintain the balance of sticking to the facts and not mixing anything false to make it ‘masaledar’.

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