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The Brothers Sun - Five major green flags that make it an unmissable show

The Brothers Sun has been trending on Netflix since its premier. And for all the right reasons as the show is filled with comedy, drama, action, and a bunch of wholesome green flags.

The Brothers Sun - Five major green flags that make it an unmissable show
The Brothers Sun

Last Updated: 06.21 PM, Jan 13, 2024


The Brothers Sun, a brainchild of Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu, premiered on January 4, 2024, on Netflix. But the series has refused to slow down and broken the glass ceiling with its popularity and universal appeal.

The show has a little something for every kind of viewer. But the best thing about it is all the green flags, making the series a fun, clean watch with minimal toxicity, discrimination, or stereotypes. Here are the top five green flags that make The Brothers Sun an unmissable show.


The Brothers Sun is all about female representation

The Brothers Sun may focus on the Sun brothers, Charles and Bruce, but Mama Sun is the ultimate authority on everything in life as well as back at the Triad. Though Charles does set off for the US to protect his mother and younger brother, throughout the series we see her manage on her own well enough. And that is to say nothing of the multiple other female characters in the show, from crime prosecutors to gang leaders, leading their respective fields.

The Brothers Sun has beautifully realistic Asian touches throughout the culture-fusion thriller

Being based on a Taiwanese Triad Family, The Brothers Sun has several Asian cultural touches throughout the film, often evoking a combination of hilarious and nostalgia-infused situations, ranging from fighting a goon with a nearby mosquito-zapping racquet to bringing sweets to someone’s house when visiting the first time, and many more.

The Brothers Sun has soothing touches of culinary art

The Brothers Sun is filled with stomach-rumbling scenes and montages of food, mainly because Charles Sun, the elder brother, is a food lover and experimental cook. He loves trying out new recipes in between his killing assignments. From delicious, lightly dusted with sugar churros to spicy and tender Korean BBQ, the shots of food were carefully taken and edited to provide a mesmerizing watch.

The Brothers Sun is epitome of family members residing away from one another but never apart

The show’s title is suitable for its content as The Brothers Sun explores the rebirth of the brotherly bond between Charles and Bruce, after remaining apart for fifteen years. Due to their estrangement, they turned out to be poles apart from one another. One is a trained killer, and the other is a pre-med student. But deep down, both have creative inclinations and a rebellious streak, and it is only when they truly unite do they manage to defeat their enemies.

The Brothers Sun infuses comedy, gore, and action into a potent mixture without going overboard

The Brothers Sun features a harmonious confluence of the elements of action and gore with comedy and wholesome, family values. Though the family may kill assassins together, they will not hit each other. There may be kidnappings and dead bodies in your fate, but your mother will make sure you give your test as it is worth 8% of the grade. And wearing outside shoes in the house is a huge no-no, be it a hired killer or one’s own son. From delivering a severed head to being dropped at school, the show has it all.

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