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The Brothers Sun out on OTT - Michelle Yeoh's 'John Wick-like' action series is now available to stream

The Brothers Sun follows a Taiwanese crime syndicate whose estranged family members come under threat when the head or the patriarch is assassinated. 

The Brothers Sun out on OTT - Michelle Yeoh's 'John Wick-like' action series is now available to stream
The Brothers Sun

Last Updated: 02.26 PM, Jan 04, 2024


Only a few can dispense thrilling action like Michelle Yeoh does and her latest expedition 'The Brothers Sun' brims with her trademark high-octane, hand-to-hand combat stuff. The series, which also stars Justin Chien, Sam Song Li, Highdee Kuan and others, is now out on Netflix with all eight episodes available to stream.

What is The Brothers Sun about?

Daniel Kwan and Daniel Schienart's 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' proved that Michelle Yeoh is still in red-hot form and that, more importantly, stories emerging from Asian communities have a wide audience across the globe. Created by Brad Falchuk (co-creator of 'Glee' and 'American Horror Story') and Byron Wu, 'The Brothers Sun', is one such story that bridges Taiwan and California together, but in its own quirky way. 

When the patriarch or the head of a powerful crime family in Taiwan is killed by a mysterious assassin, his son Charles Sun is forced to now take matters into his own hands. Charles must first head to California to reunite with his estranged mother Eileen (Yeoh) who has kept her younger son Bruce (Sam Song Li) away from the fact that, well, he actually belongs to a family that serves as the head of Jade Dragons.

It soon comes to the fore that Eileen and Bruce's lives are under threat and Charles must go to great lengths to ward that off. As per Netflix, 'The Brothers Sun', aside from being a slick actioner, explores the meaning of being a son, a brother and also what it means to try and keep your family together. So, when the young Bruce unearths the truth about his family, he must step up to the occasion and realize his destiny, as it were, while he discovers that there's a lot more to his "mama" Eileen than meets the eye.


What to expect from The Brothers Sun?

By the looks of it, 'The Brothers Sun' is a John Wick-esque extravaganza that has incredibly slick action, an alluring world of crime syndicates, enterprising characters and so much more on offer. Add a strong dose of black comedy to the mix to make things all the more exciting, and you have a binge-worthy show that's fun and engaging at the same time.

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