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The Garfield Movie New Trailer - The Guardians of the Galaxy-star Chris Pratt returns to reunite with his long-lost father

The iconic animated film series is all set to release on May with Chris Pratt being the Monday-hating orange cat Garfield, having a special bond with his father

The Garfield Movie New Trailer - The Guardians of the Galaxy-star Chris Pratt returns to reunite with his long-lost father

The Garfield Movie

Last Updated: 11.09 PM, Mar 04, 2024


Well, guess you all are quite familiar with Garfield, right? For the unversed, Garfield is a super lazy, fat and cynical orange tabby Persian cat. He is known for his mad love for lasagna and sleeping, and his extreme hatred for Mondays, Nermal, and exercise. The comic cat character was created by Jim Davis in 1978. Interestingly, Davis holds Guinnes Book of World Record for the Garfield comic strip.

What does the new trailer show?

The upcoming Garfield Movie is all set to hit the theatres on May 24, 2024, worldwide. Announced earlier back in 2023, Sony Pictures has been dropping some exciting trailers since the end of 2023. The film is expected to explore the origin of Garfield, from his birth to his adoption by his human parents. Today, the new trailer gives some sneak-peeks about his special bond with his human father, who loves to serve him cheese, and it exhibits even Garfield loves to drown into grated cheese.


The new trailer introduces Jon, Garfield’s furry canine friend, who lives with them. The funny orange cat talks about his life, which seems quite perfect. He discloses that Garfield, Jon and his unpaid intern Odie are living their dream life, which is we all know, being lazy, sleeping all day long, and only eating. Each and every minute, Garfield reminds the viewers how much he loves cheese by eating pizzas with his super funny wide open mouth, and every cheesy eatables.

Nevertheless, one fine night, Garfield’s soothing life takes an unexpected turn with new and horrifying events. The amusing animated plot follows Garfield’s reuniting with his long-lost father, then and ending up involving in a high-octane heist.

About The Garfield Movie

The Garfield comic strip is mostly famous for its relatable pet ownership, that left behind many iconic animated pet series. Garfield captured the essence of the humorous side, offering a charming look at domestic life. However, the recent trailer breaks away from this tradition. Instead, it throws Garfield into a dangerous adventure, instead of keeping it only as a comedy. This drastic shift in direction has left fans curious about the film's take on the iconic orange tabby.

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