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The Interest of Love ending explained - Despite ambiguity, Sang-Soo and Soo-Young ignite a tiny ember of hope

Released in 2022, The Interest of Love, starring Moon Ga-Young and Yoo Yeon-Seok, is currently streaming on Netflix

The Interest of Love ending explained - Despite ambiguity, Sang-Soo and Soo-Young ignite a tiny ember of hope

The Interest of Love

Last Updated: 08.32 PM, May 30, 2024


The Korean entertainment industry has a soft spot for office romances. With charming lead actors, comic pivotal characters, hide-and-seek romance between the leads, and undeniably chemistry, such K-dramas have been much loved. Let's take, for example, The Interest of Love. Although the narrative may seem boring to many as there isn't much sparkling romance between the leads, this drama gives a message on how to find love filled with solace while struggling in your daily life. But is the workplace drama a breath of fresh air or does it fall flat? Let's find out..

The Interest of Love plot

The K-drama dives deep into the lives of four interconnected employees who work at a bank. As they navigate the daily routines of their respective jobs, they get trapped in a web of emotions and sense a spark between them. The lines between professional courtesy and personal attraction begin to blur, leading to a complicated office romance. Will their desperate desires overpower their professional obligations? Or will these entanglements lead to heartbreak?


How does The Interest of Love end?

The Interest of Love ends with some positive scenes when we get to see Mi-Kyung finally move on from Sang-Soo and is now in a happy relationship with someone else. The drastic changes in her personality and her kind behaviour towards Soo-Young are pleasing to watch. On the other hand, Jong-Hyun, a security guard at the bank, eventually achieves his dream of being a police officer, proving that with time, determination, and effort, even the seemingly impossible can become real.

Just when viewers are desperately curious to find out about the main leads, Sang-Soo and Soo-Young, the makers give them a few minutes of screen time. In a late-night coincidence, Sang-Soo and Soo-Young bump into each other, grab coffee, and catch up with some unspoken feelings that hang around them throughout the drama. The calm and cool behaviour of Sang-Soo, not getting mad at Soo-Young for her sudden disappearance, and finally asking her out once again, gives a ray of hope for a happy ending. But the makers end the drama at that particular scene.

What message does the ending give?

Although the ending of The Interest of Love is open to interpretation, the last few minutes serve as a powerful testament to the human spirit. They portray the unwavering determination that resides within us, even in the face of immense difficulties. We see that despite struggling with their personal challenges, Sang-Soo and Soo-Young finally meet again and can have a lovely relationship in the future. This is despite their different paths. This particular act, even when getting back together seems uncertain, is the heart of the drama.

The last few minutes remind us that persistence, not the absence of fear, is the key to achieving our goals, whether professional or personal. By refusing to give up, we open ourselves to the possibilities of triumph.

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