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The Marsh King's Daughter - Release date, plot, trailer, OTT platform, and more

The Marsh King's Daughter coming soon in India on this OTT platform. Before its release on May 10, here's all you need to know about the thriller

The Marsh King's Daughter - Release date, plot, trailer, OTT platform, and more

The Marsh King's Daughter

Last Updated: 07.33 PM, May 02, 2024


After ruling the box office last year, The Marsh King's Daughter is releasing on Lionsgate Play on May 10, 2024. Indian audiences can also watch the Hollywood thriller through OTTplay Premium. Despite getting delayed due to Taylor Swift's Ears Your Concert film’s crazy storm in theatres, The Marsh King's Daughter made a staggering collection of $2,997,951 globally.

The Marsh King's Daughter plot

The Marsh King's Daughter is the tale of past trauma resurfacing with deadly consequences in the present. Daisy Ridley takes centre stage as Helena, a mature woman and a mother, whose world shatters when she hears that her criminal father escapes from prison. Her childhood was wholly ruined by her father, who is a notorious kidnapper. He stole her away from her own family at a very young age.

Now Helena has built a new life, where she has a lovely family and a daughter of her own. Her father's escape becomes a nightmare to her and she becomes restless to protect her daughter from him anyhow. But when she can't come up with any ideas, she decides to face the monster and deal with it alone. She soon embarks on a desperate and dangerous mission.

What to expect?

Now the question is, will Helena be strong enough to confront the man? Will there be any more twists and turns or any hidden truths to come out? Will she be able to write a new future, or will her past engulf her and her family? The gripping storyline of The Marsh King's Daughter will keep you on the edge of your couch, questioning the depth of family bonds and the unchangeable strength of a mother’s love.

The Marsh King's Daughter trailer

The official trailer begins with beautiful glimpses of Helena spending time with her daughter. While coming back home, Helena finds out that the police have raided her house. One police officer begins to question her about her father and informs that her father, along with a few other prisoners, escaped from the police van and also killed the other polices.

Later, we get to see a news channel declaring that Helena’s father, Jacob Holbrook, is infamously known as the Marsh King. The news channel gives past details about how he abducted Beth Eriksson (Helena’s mother) and held her captive for 12 years. Beth gives birth to Helena in a dark, patchy room. What happens when she tries to escape with Helena?


Back to the present day: while Helena begins to explain her past trauma to her husband, she speaks about how Jacob forcibly made her get a tattoo on her neck and taught her how to use a gun. We then see Helena getting shivers while recalling her traumatic past. Her lips tremble in fear. We are then taken back to her past, where we get to see how Helena grew up, constantly planning to escape from Jacob’s cage.

A startling ending

At the very end of the video, we get to see Jacob shockingly appears in front of Helena and commands to be a family again. The background sounds are undoubtedly breathtaking. Each and every sence will definitely make startled. Maybe The Marsh King's Daughter is no less than a typical thriller, but the visual effects and the background sounds will keep you hooked.

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