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The Parades trailer – The film teases a tearjerker clip for its touching yet hard-hitting journey ahead

The Parades is Japanese director Michihito Fujii’s latest film. A poignant exploration of grief, life, death, and acceptance, the film debuts on Netflix this month. 

The Parades trailer – The film teases a tearjerker clip for its touching yet hard-hitting journey ahead
A still from the trailer of The Parades

Last Updated: 03.42 PM, Feb 06, 2024


The Last 10 Years fame Michihito Fujii is back with another masterpiece. This time, the film is going to be a Netflix original as well. Titled The Parades, the film makes an insightful exploration of the experience of the departed towards those left behind in the realm of the living. With a strong cast and a great plot, The Parades is arriving this month.  

Trailer and Cast of The Parades

The film dropped its trailer a few hours ago, and it is a real tearjerker, in all the good ways. Starring Masami Nagasawa of MOTHER fame, as Minako, the protagonist, Kentaro Sakaguchi as Akira, the litterateur, Ryusei Yokohama as Shori, the ex-Yakuza, Lily Franky plays a former film producer Michael, and Nana Mori plays Nana, a high school girl with little hope.  


Release Date and Contents of the Trailer

The Parades will be released on Tudum on February 29, 2024. Though the film is about more than one individual, it traces others while focusing on Minako’s journey. A mother, who wakes up at a rubble-strewn beach, separated from her young son Ryo. It takes her quite a bit of time as well as a little help to understand that she is dead. However, she is neither in heaven nor hell.

Minako is in a strange limbo between the living and the dead. She is definitely dead, but because she has some unfinished emotional business on earth, she is unable to move on. On this journey of self-exploration and grief, she is joined and aided by an assorted group of the likes of a literature lover, a former Japanese mafia, and an ex-movie producer. 

Together with Akira, Shori, Michael, Nana, and many others, Minako goes on the monthly parades that are both hauntingly sad and beautiful, in which they try to help each other find their respective ‘unfinished businesses’ before moving on. The film’s trailer offers beautiful shade pallettes as well as interplay of light and texture, along with symbolism, especially the constant return to the beach, a place of serenity, acceptance, and eternity.

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