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The Penguin - Colin Farrel's Oz Cobb battles for Gotham's crime throne; all you need to know about the series

The new teaser for The Penguin reveals Gotham's new crime landscape, filled with power vacuums and intrigue.

The Penguin - Colin Farrel's Oz Cobb battles for Gotham's crime throne; all you need to know about the series
Colin Farell in a still from The Penguin

Last Updated: 03.17 PM, Jun 21, 2024


Recently, a new teaser for the upcoming The Penguin series emerged, along with the announcement of its release month. The DC series' September premiere on Max (JioCinema in India) lacks a set date. The reveal of a new teaser coincides with the release date update, providing fans with a more comprehensive understanding of the series' expectations.

The Penguin plot and connection to The Batman

It delves deeper into the storylines of The Penguin and The Batman, revealing more facts about the link between the two. In the aftermath of The Batman, Max revealed a new look at The Penguin, a spinoff series starring Colin Farrell as Oz Cobb and other iconic DC Comics characters.


The Batman story will continue with the Penguin connecting The Batman: Part II. In the movie, the Riddler orchestrates a flood in Gotham City; this teaser suggests that it will impact the series as well.

Gotham's power vacuum and Penguin's ambition

When Batman isn't around, the Penguin will step in. The Riddler's actions have caused flooding in Gotham City. Paul Dano's villain has assassinated Gotham's underworld kingpin, Carmine Falcone, leaving a power vacuum. In The Penguin, Colin Farrell's Oz Cobb will attempt to succeed Falcone as the head of Gotham's organised crime syndicate, but he will face numerous obstacles along the way.

The teaser for The Penguin also implies that Carmine's family remains incomplete, despite his potential departure. In the series, Sofia and Alberto Falcone go head-to-head with the Penguin as they attempt to continue their father's legacy. Among Cobb's many opponents, Cristin Milioti's Sofia Falcone stands out as the most formidable. In a frightening voice, she informs the Penguin that she has always seen his potential, even though other characters in the teaser look down on him.

Maroni family and other adversaries

Clancy Brown's Salvatore Maroni, the head of the Maroni criminal family, will pose another obstacle to Cobb's rise to power, with Michael Kelly portraying Johnny Vitti in the show. The Penguin, a dark, action-packed, and intriguing series, will feature a flooded Gotham City and a hole in the top of organised crime.

As the Penguin forms alliances and strives for victory, the plot will take numerous unexpected turns, and Cobb may finally become the terrifying crime boss he is in the comics by the book's conclusion. 

Get ready to stream The Penguin on JioCinema in September.

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