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The Piper on Lionsgate Play - Here's all you need to know about Charlotte Hope's suspenseful horror flick

Erlingur Thoroddsen's The Piper unleashes a world of cursed instruments and fear.

The Piper on Lionsgate Play - Here's all you need to know about Charlotte Hope's suspenseful horror flick
The Piper

Last Updated: 12.59 PM, Jan 24, 2024


In this timeless story, fear and music harmonise, and a number of cursed musical instruments disseminate the film's "evil" in the suspenseful horror film The Piper. The digital streaming of The Piper will begin on January 26 via Lionsgate Play. 

Charlotte Hope takes the lead

In the film, the mysterious Charlotte Hope takes up her mentor's mantle and finishes his symphony while she deals with the death of her mentor. The musical instruments, of which she has no idea, are cursed; playing them brings about terrible results and brings to life an unstoppable old evil. The brilliant trio of Julian Sands, Alexis Rodney, and Kate Nichols round out Charlotte Hope's ensemble. 

Check out the trailer below:


Charlotte Hope's perspective: Director's unique approach

Meanwhile, in a statement, Charlotte Hope said of director Erlingur Thoroddsen that he is an incredibly sensitive and intelligent director, so it's been really lovely. To her knowledge, the filmmaker has never been anxious or panicked before. Charlotte finds his guidance to be exceptionally uncommon—truly intuitive and perceptive.

While Thoroddsen added that he feels so lucky to have gotten the cast that he got. Everyone is absolutely suited for their role in the film, and Charlotte is wonderful. The filmmaker shared that he felt like she was Mel the second he saw her perform the opening lines—it was like a lightning bolt. Following that, they met, and they were immediately comfortable with one another. They had the same impression of the character. With a schedule like theirs, Thoroddsen can only imagine the emotional roller coaster Charlotte must have endured—sometimes experiencing a complete shift from one extreme emotion to another—but she has been fantastic in every scene she has been in. The actor has been an excellent accomplice and a joy to work with.

Starting on January 26, you'll be able to watch The Piper exclusively on Lionsgate Play.

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