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The Railway Men: YRF's first web series gets a premiere date on Netflix

R. Madhavan, Kay Kay Menon, Divyenndu, and Babil Khan are among the series' ensemble cast members that is created by Shiv Rawail.

The Railway Men: YRF's first web series gets a premiere date on Netflix
R. Madhavan, Kay Kay Menon, Divyendu, and Babil Khan in The Railway Men

Last Updated: 12.14 PM, Oct 26, 2023


The Railway Men is the first series produced in partnership between Netflix and Yash Raj Films (YRF), and the premiere date for it has finally been announced. Yes, the much-awaited series will premiere on November 18. Shiv Rawail, a newcomer launched by YRF, has helmed all four episodes of the miniseries.

Narrative overview:

Talking about the series, The Railway Men is a fascinating narrative of fortitude and a homage to humanity, set against the backdrop of the Bhopal Gas Leak, the world's greatest industrial tragedy, and inspired by true stories. It tells the inspiring story of the Indian railway workers who, in an effort to save the lives of hundreds of innocent residents stranded in a defenceless city, went above and beyond the call of duty.

Check out the date announcement below:


The Railway Men boasts an impressive cast, including R. Madhavan, Kay Kay Menon, Divyenndu, and Babil Khan, all of whom work together to convince viewers that, even in the darkest of times, fortitude can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

Significance and homage:

Akshaye Widhani, Senior Vice President of Yash Raj Films, stated earlier that the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, which occurred today, has had a significant impact on numerous people. It is the biggest industrial accident in history, and the series is a tribute to the unsung heroes of the tragedy, who, despite saving thousands of lives on that fateful day, are still unknown to people all over the world.

Yogendra Mogre, executive producer at YRF Entertainment, said that The Railway Men is their salute to their spirit, their courage, and their humanity. The time has come to share this story, and they will make every effort to reach as many people as they can with it so that they can understand the extent of the devastation this tragedy in India caused.

Background on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy:

For those who are unaware, methyl isocyanate gas leaked from an American Union Carbide Corporation pesticide factory in the early hours of December 2, 1984. It was reported that around 5,00,000 people were poisoned that night, with an official death toll of nearly 5,000. Thousands of survivors have reported long-term health concerns, including cancer, blindness, pulmonary, immunological, and neurological difficulties, as a result of the leak.

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