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The White Lotus Season 3 welcomes six new cast members; production details and filming updates follow

After two successful seasons, The White Lotus now moves towards its third season, set in an Asian country

The White Lotus Season 3 welcomes six new cast members; production details and filming updates follow
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Last Updated: 02.42 PM, Jan 06, 2024


The year was 2021, and as we all were still figuring out life with a pandemic spreading its wings around us, Mike White partnered with HBO to give us a show that, on the face of it, looked like a virtual vacation. However, little did we know that the vacation would turn into a tragedy, and soon we were all hooked. In 2023, the creator gave us Season 2 of "The White Lotus," and with it came Jennifer Coolidge, who deserves applause for her performance as the amazing Tanya. Ever since it ended last year, the biggest question has been about the release of Season 3.

Just like the last two seasons, it is given that "White Lotus" Season 3 will have a new exotic location turned into a nightmare and new cast additions too. The makers, who have been tight-lipped about the same, have now decided to share some information. According to a new Variety report, "The White Lotus" Season 3 will have six new actors joining the cast of the show, and the filming will take place in multiple Asian locations. Read on to know everything.

What Is The White Lotus" About?

The White Lotus" is technically a satirical look at the eccentricity of the elite and their shallow lives. It explores how the working class fuels their ego and how these ego massages are their fodder to survive. The show looks at the tragedy that unfolds when either of the two crosses their lines and enters each other’s territory. Created by Mike White, it is one of the most well-written pieces of fictional content in a long while.

Every season takes the story of "The White Lotus" resort ahead in different locations. As we saw the haunting week unfold in the Italian landscape, this time around it is going to be set in Asia. Creator Mike White also serves as the director and executive producer of the show. David Bernad and Mark Kamine also executive produce the show.


The White Lotus Season 3 New Cast:

According to reports, the third season will have six new cast members joining the recurring team of actors. Leslie Bibb, known for her work in Iron Man alongside Jason Isaacs from Harry Potter, will join the cast. Dom Outrage from "Utrage," Michelle Monaghan from "Gone Baby Gone," Parker Posey from "The Staircase," and Tayme Thapthimthong from "Farand" are all joining the team.

From what is known, Natasha Rothwell will reprise her role as Belinda in the new season, and there are no more details on the rest of the cast members.

The White Lotus Season 3 Filming Location:

"The White Lotus" Season 3 will go into production in February this year. As per reports, the show will be shot in and around Koh Samui, Phuket, and Bangkok, Thailand. There are no updates on what the plot of the third season is, but whatever it is, it will be interesting, and fans cannot wait to witness it. The third season has also made HBO partner with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to back the filming and promotion of the season. Janet Graham Borba, executive vice president of production for HBO & Max, said, “We are pleased to partner with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to execute Mike’s creative vision and showcase all that the beautiful country of Thailand has to offer, as the next group of guests checks into the White Lotus.”

The White Lotus Season 3 Release Date:

There is no release date attached to the show as of yet. But looking at the trajectory, considering the second season was released after a year’s gap, the third season may be released somewhere in 2025.

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