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Thor 5 won’t be directed by Taika Waititi; Does This Mean Marvel will now go back to a dark and serious Thor?

Taika Waititi has helmed Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love And Thunder, both starring Chris Hemsworth.

Thor 5 won’t be directed by Taika Waititi; Does This Mean Marvel will now go back to a dark and serious Thor?
Taika Waititi and Thor 4 poster

Last Updated: 03.11 PM, Nov 15, 2023


With the conclusion of Hollywood strikes and production houses resuming work, the chaos in the tinsel town at the moment is unparalleled. With multiple new announcements, reveals, and some heartbreaking updates later, we are still up for more, which will come with time in the near future. The Marvel Cinematic Universe especially is the most anticipated zone now for what is unfolding now. While the studio is busy chalking out a plan, Thor 3 and 4 director Taika Waititi has confirmed he is not involved with Thor 5. 

Taika Waititi's MCU Resume

Taika first directed Thor: Ragnarok for the MCU in 2013, and the movie was an instant hit, striking the right chord with the audience. In no time, it was said that he would continue to be the filmmaker in charge of Thor, and he was soon shaping Thor: Love And Thunder. However, the latter did not turn out to be one that got good reviews from the audience and critics when it was released in 2022. The fans were done with the funny Thor and wanted the serious one back. 

As it turns out, Taika Waititi has now confirmed that he won’t be involved in Thor 5 at all. While talking about the rumour that the fifth installment of the Chris Hemsworth starrer is moving ahead without him, as per Comic Book Movie, Taika said, "I wouldn’t know if that’s accurate. I know that I won’t be involved...I’m going to concentrate on these other films that I’ve signed on for."

Taika Waititi's Upcoming Projects

The films Taika is talking about also include the Star Wars movies. He says he is still marinating in the world and is writing about it. There is also an adaptation of Alejandro Jodorowsky's graphic novel The Incal, along with Kazuo Ishiguro's novel Klara and the Sun in his kitty. "So that’s six, seven years gone," he noted.

Taika Waititi added, "I’d imagine another ‘Thor’ would be a lot sooner than that...But I love Marvel, I love working with them. I love Chris. I would never feel like they were cheating on me. We’re in an open relationship, and it’s like if they want to see other people, I’m happy for that. I’d still get back into bed with them one day."

Will Thor 5 Move Away From Comedy?

The biggest question now is whether the studio will now change the tone of Thor to a darker and more serious theme. Fans have been demanding the same for a long time. But what is also to be considered is that when the studio gave Thor a serious turn in Thor: The Dark World, it happened to be a disaster for them in terms of reception. So it is still a very dicey situation. 

However, Chris Hemsworth has already confirmed that he is ready for Thor 5. Stay tuned to OTTplay for more.

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