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Top 5 highlights from Disney+Hotstar’s crime thriller ‘A Shop for Killers’ starring Lee Dong-wook

A Shop for Killers, starring Lee Dong-wook and Kim Hye-jun in pivotal roles, is a thriller K-drama streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

Top 5 highlights from Disney+Hotstar’s crime thriller ‘A Shop for Killers’ starring Lee Dong-wook
Kim Hye-jun in a still from A Shop for Killers

Last Updated: 05.56 PM, Feb 10, 2024


Streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar recently concluded the first action-packed season of the Lee Dong-wook-starrer A Shop for Killers. The series had a cliffhanger ending that piqued viewers' interest with meticulously directed action sequences and an adrenaline-pumping twist at the end. The limited series that dropped on January 17 may have ended on February 7, but the last episode signalled its return, fueling speculations of another high-octane drama soon. Here are some of the best scenes from the crime thriller that are difficult to miss:

Bae Jeong-min's villainous avatar

In the initial episodes, Bae Jeong-min was projected as a decent character who helped Ji-An in the funeral processions after her uncle’s sudden death. However, he later switched to being a ruthless killer who confessed to trapping Jinman for his staged suicide. Even in the flashback scenes, he was the one responsible for locking up Ji-An. His villainous antics came as a surprise because of his sweet and innocent demeanour.

Pasin’s chemistry with Jinman and Ji-An

Pasin, who was Jin-man's teammate from the Babylon mercenary, had a special mentor-protege relationship with Ji-An. Not only did he teach her self-defense skills, he also saved Jin-man when he was on the edge of death. Pasin’s dynamics with both lead characters are quite heartwarming and impossible to ignore.

Min-hye's fighting scene

Jin-man's potential love interest, Min-hye, appears in the flashback as a timid Chinese girl who is struck by her tragic fate. She bravely transforms from a sceptical girl into a fearless fighter. She saves Ji-An multiple times with her unwavering fighting spirit. Her character development in the sequel is equally intriguing to observe.


Ji-An is taking her revenge

The 7th episode showcases the real killers who shot Ji-An's parents, and after she learns the truth that Babylon’s mercenary leader Seong-jo is the culprit, a fearless Ji-An fights back. The final scene, in which college student Ji-An (Kim Hye-jun) exacts revenge by first setting Seong-jo on fire and then expertly shooting him from point-blank range, is definitely worth watching. The action sequences and the tightly paced cat-and-mouse chase between the protagonist and the antagonist are mind-boggling.


Uncle Jinman’s return

The cliffhanger twist in the last few minutes is one of the best the makers could have given viewers. When a taxi drops the injured Jin-man (Lee Dong-wook), you can almost hear the audience roaring with excitement after experiencing the bone-chilling return. It was truly a 'wow' surprise.

Lee Dong-wook in a still from A Shop for Killers
Lee Dong-wook in a still from A Shop for Killers
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