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A Shop for Killers season 1 Review - "Lee Dong-wook's thriller concludes with a gory cliffhanger twist that flips everything

A Shop for Killers, starring Lee Dong-wook and Kim Hye-jun in pivotal roles, is a thriller K-drama streaming on Disney+ Hotstar.

A Shop for Killers season 1 Review - "Lee Dong-wook's thriller concludes with a gory cliffhanger twist that flips everything
A still from the teaser trailer of A Shop For Killers

Last Updated: 12.09 PM, Feb 08, 2024


A Shop for Killers story

The story revolves around a young college student, Ji-An, dealing with the sudden death of her uncle's apparent suicide. Before she can settle her grief, an unforeseen tragedy awaits her, and the mysteries of the past are slowly revealed. Will Ji-an face the bitter truth and struggle for survival, or will she spiral into the dark state that previously haunted her childhood? The answers lie in the fascinating drama.

A Shop for Killers Review

Based on Kang Ji-Young's novel, A Shop for Killers is an intense K-drama with a multilayered narrative that delves between the past and present timelines to reveal dark secrets in a structured loop. With lots of arch-rivals and the troubled reality of Jinman’s identity, the thriller drama unfolds with twists and bloody fights in each episode.

Popular actor (Tale of the Nine-Tailed Goblin) Lee Dong-wook shines in this gripping thriller drama as he smoothly transitions from a morally gray character to a man of ethics and family. He might have been killed off in the first episode, but the use of flashback sequences is enough to influence his magnetic presence on the screen. The strong female lead, Kim Hye-jun, also gives impressive fight scenes, especially the climax in which she takes revenge for her parents' deaths. 

With multiple villains and arch rivals, A Shop for Killers begins with chaos and a slow pace but quickly piques the interest of its audience with a flashback monologue. Despite some vague sequences, loose ends or unexplained actions by the characters, this suspenseful drama is well rounded and executed when it comes to intense drama and vengeance. The dynamic uncle-niece relationship reflects a deep bond of trust and unspoken love between two lonely family members as they fight back the unscrupulous killers in their own way.


The finale episodes will rock you to the core as you root for the supporting characters like Pasin (Kim Min) and Min Hye (Geum Hae Na) and their survival even after getting shot multiple times while saving Ji-An. It is captivating to watch the dynamic uncle-niece duo reunite in the last episode after nearly escaping death not once but several times.

Although the noisy fight scenes are exciting for thriller genre lovers, the excessive blood and gore in each episode limit this Korean drama to an adult audience as it includes brutal deaths like slashing and gunfights. Each episode is nearly an hour long, making it tedious for some to watch in one go, but if you overcome these hurdles, this drama has a lot to offer, from high-octane action to moral dilemmas—it has it all!

Written by Ji Ho-jin and Lee Kwon, the latter also spearheads as the director of this drama. The story is intriguing and mysteriously unwrapped in each episode, such that the users are waiting anxiously for the next episode. The same format is rigorously followed even in the cliffhanger ending that flips the entire plotline and concludes season 1, with the lead returning unexpectedly, leaving viewers excited for the next season.

A Shop for Killers Verdict

This K-drama sets new highs for the Korean entertainment industry, establishing its name in gripping tales of revenge, action, and suspense rather than the usual romantic comedies. Whether it’s the fight scenes or emotionally driven main characters, this thriller will keep you hooked and wanting for more even when it concludes Season 1. Stream it for a solid storyline, meticulous fight scenes, and a refined performance from Lee Dong-wook, Kim Hye-jun, and all the supporting actors who add to its worth.

A Shop for Killers is a limited K-drama with only 8 episodes in Season 1 and is currently streaming on Disney+Hotstar.

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