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Top documentaries to watch on DocuBay

If you love watching documentaries and gathering exciting information about history, we have curated a list for you. Have a read.

Top documentaries to watch on DocuBay

Popular documentaries to watch on DocuBay. 

Last Updated: 05.45 PM, May 06, 2024


Everyone with a mobile device can now document everything, but creating a documentary is very different from shooting a day-in-the-life kind of footage. Excellent documentaries place it within the larger context of reality, helping us understand it better. They sometimes even change our view about life and the general society around us. We have prepared a well-selected list of historical documentaries for those who delight in unraveling interesting mysteries hidden in the past. Get ready to delve deep into them!

12 Digit Masterstroke: The Untold Story of Aadhaar

12 Digit Masterstroke: The Untold Story of Aadhaar documentary elegantly narrated by Ankur Warikoo. It describes in detail the journey of the Aadhaar Card from its conception to being embraced by different government bodies throughout India. Strangely, under the leadership of an extraordinary entrepreneur Nandan Nilekani, a peculiar alliance between state officials and business persons, teamed up to formulate this huge social identity assembly ever known worldwide. Directed by Sujata Kulshreshtha and Abhimanyu Tewari, this narrative delves deep into the complexities and triumphs of this transformative program.


Musk Vs Bezos

The documentary, Musk vs Bezos, reveals fierce global competition as two billionaires seek to outperform each other in an expensive outer space business venture. The film explores the events between Blue Origins owned by Jeff Bezos, and another called SpaceX belonging to Elon Musk. It has a duration of 53 minutes and came out in 2023.

The World According to Amazon

The documentary The World According to Amazon rewinds Amazon’s business strategies, operational methods, and corporate ethos. From its inception in the 1990s till today, the revolutionary innovations by Jeff Bezos have redefined global commerce. This documentary was released in 2019 and describes how Amazon has evolved and its significant influence on the modern business environment.

Christian Dior: The Man, The Label

This documentary uncovers how the famous designer who initially was meant to work in the diplomatic service ventured into the field of art driven by his love for it and ended up working with Robert Piguet before starting his own fashion company in 1946. His very first creations showed a return to the conservative lines of clothing for ladies, thus presenting women as sexually modest beings in style.

Cyber War 2022

The Russia Vs Ukraine war is far from over. This documentary delves into the cyber and information resistance efforts of Ukraine and its allies amidst the conflict with Russia. Through personal accounts of cyber activists and insights from global cybersecurity experts, the documentary unveils the clandestine realm of modern warfare. With a short and crisp runtime of 53 minutes, it offers a revealing portrayal of the digital frontlines and the individuals who navigate them.

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