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Toxic’s massive London schedule: Will Yash film meet April 10 date with audiences

With only 299 days to go for Toxic’s April 10, 2025 release date, and the team reportedly set to take off for a 150-day London schedule, there are doubts if Yash can bring the film to theatres on time

Toxic’s massive London schedule: Will Yash film meet April 10 date with audiences

Toxic is Yash's first film after 2022's mega hit KGF: Chapter 2

Last Updated: 08.02 PM, Jun 14, 2024


In the last several months, fans of Rocking Star Yash have repeatedly asked KVN Productions to officially provide an update on the status of their film Toxic. All requests have so far fallen on deaf ears, with media reports citing ‘sources’ the only information channel. Director Geethu Mohandas has reportedly got Nayanthara to replace Kareena Kapoor Khan as Yash’s sister in the film while Kiara Advani is the love interest. Huma Qureshi gets a negative character. None of these casting reports have been confirmed or denied by KVN Productions.

The latest is that Geethu Mohandas has begun shooting for the India portions of the film with Nayanthara and Yash and that the team will shortly take off to London for a whopping 150-day schedule. Now, Toxic, which was announced to be an April 10,2025 release, in what has been the only official communication about the film so far, is only 299 days away from its date with audiences.

Yash's Toxic is said to be a gangster tale
Yash's Toxic is said to be a gangster tale

Going by this latest report, which also states a total of 200-days shoot, principal photography is likely to be completed only by the end of 2024, provided the team faces no obstacles along the way. That leaves them with less than 100 days for post-production and promotions, which, for a film of this scale, seems inadequate, unless, of course, shooting and post-production are done simultaneously.

Either which way, right now, it does look immensely doubtful that the makers will be able to bring the film on theatres on time. April 2025 will mark three years since the Rocking Star was last seen onscreen in KGF: Chapter 2. Toxic is reportedly a gangster tale told from a female perspective, with speculation that it is about the drug mafia in the 60s and 70s of Goa.

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