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Vishwak Sen miffed at Telugu stars amid Gaami success – Controversy for the sake of it?

Vishwak Sen is high on the success of Gaami but is also upset with the industry as no one has come forward to appreciate his film. 

Vishwak Sen miffed at Telugu stars amid Gaami success – Controversy for the sake of it?

Vishwak Sen

Last Updated: 12.39 PM, Mar 14, 2024


Actor Vishwak Sen is well aware of how the film industry operates and knows how to keep his films in the news. The Telugu actor usually gets embroiled in some controversy or the other, thanks to his speeches when his films are in theatres, and the same has happened for his latest film Gaami. The fantasy thriller has been declared a hit as the producers have earned double the movie’s budget. But Vishwak Sen is not happy with the big stars or filmmakers as they have not tweeted or talked about the film.   

Gaami was made on a shoestring budget of Rs 3 crore and was in the making for six years. Speaking about the same, Vishwak Sen made strong comments about how the industry has neglected the film and no one has talked about it. "Gaami is a film that will be remembered even after 20 years for its making and style. It is disheartening that not one big star has come out in support of the young director Vidyadhar Kagita or the actors in the film," says Vishwak Sen.  

Negative campaigning?

This is not the first time that something like this has happened. Even when his film Falaknuma Das was released, Vishwak Sen stated that no one in the industry supported the film and he went through so many issues alone to release the film. For Gaami too, Vishwak Sen alleged that there is someone behind the negative ratings on the BookMyShow portal and they are trying hard to pin him down.  

'Not a single star reached out to him'

Generally, in Telugu cinema, top stars always tweet about such new-age films and the first one to do so is Mahesh Babu. Vishwak Sen says that he is shocked that not a single star has tweeted or called him to congratulate him on the success. This frustration of his has become a hot topic of discussion.  


Some say that it is Vishwak Sen's normal practice to keep his film in the news by making controversial statements. But Vishwak is an outsider in the industry and often speaks his heart out. His statements suggest that not many want to associate with him or his films.  

Vishwak Sen has had his share of controversies with every film he does and that is the reason not many have a connection with him in the industry. Vishwak is the only actor in the younger lot, who is doing varied characters and giving a chance to new directors. He is a solid actor and should let his films do the talking rather than show his frustration in public.  


Finally, Vishwak should also realize that Tollywood is a selfish industry, just like the other industries, as everyone is only looking to make a name for themselves and will not come out in support of an actor who has a fearless attitude and can go to any extent to keep his film in the news.

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