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WATCH | Kim Soo-Hyun and Kim Ji-Won offering jaw-dropping reasons why Queen of Tears is worth your attention

K-Drama Queen of Tears is absolutely ruling Netflix. Even it is currently the most searched romance show on Google

WATCH | Kim Soo-Hyun and Kim Ji-Won offering jaw-dropping reasons why Queen of Tears is worth your attention

Stills from Queen of Tears

Last Updated: 11.17 PM, Mar 26, 2024


Queen of Tears is currently the most watched show on Netflix. The tvN drama grabbed the 3rd spot on the streaming giant from March 11 to 17 with 19.1 million viewing hours, climbing four places from the previous week. Seems like Kim Soo-Hyun’s dating rumours with Bloodhounds (2023) actress Kim Sae-Ron, helped the K-Drama garner more viewership numbers in recent times.

Hence, Netflix is leaving no stone unturned to excite fans every day with jaw-dropping interactions with Queen of Tears cast Kim Soo-Hyun and Kim Ji-Won. For example, just today the streaming giant dropped a Q/A interview with the lead cast, where the duo gave every possible reason to make fans go crazy for the K-Drama.

Check out the Q/A list here:

1. In one word, why should viewers watch Queen of Tears?

Kim Ji-Won answered, “Ultimately, it's love. It's about a couple experiencing a marital crisis, and the process it takes for them to rebuild their relationship. Throughout all these stories, love is the main element. I'm sure viewers will feel a lot of warmth and excitement.

2. What is your favourite scene from Queen of Tears?

Kim Soo-Hyun answered, “For me, it's the wedding scene. I got to wear a tuxedo, and she got to wear a dress”. Kim Ji-Won answered, “The scenes we shot in Germany were the most memorable for me. I had a great time shooting so many lovely and beautiful moments there. It was quite memorable.”

3. What made you fall in love with Queen of Tears?

While Kim Ji-Won answered, “When I first read the script, I had so many questions. How did this couple’s relationship end up like this? Why are they so angry? Why is this person so cold and selfish? What happened? And I kept reading on. What started out as curiousity, eventually turned into affection for the story”, Kim Soo-Hyun answered, “The tears shed on the show are all varied and different. You will be able to feel the emotions of all the characters, and not just Hyun-Woo and Hae-In.

If you are still not impressed with these answers, check the whole Q/A video here:

Queen of Tears story

Queen of Tears unfolds the captivating narrative of Baek Hyeon-Woo and Hong Hae-In, a married couple whose love story faces extraordinary challenges. Kim Soo-Hyun steps into the role of Baek Hyeon-Woo, a man of remarkable intellect who serves as the legal director for the Queens Group, a prestigious conglomerate. His unwavering dedication and strategic mind have solidified his position within the company. Standing opposite him is the captivating Kim Ji-Won, who portrays Hong Hae-In. Often referred to as the ‘queen’ of the Queens Group's department stores, Hae In is an heir to immense wealth and exudes charisma in everything she does. Together, these two characters embark on a journey that tests the resilience of their love.

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