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Web series to watch on Chaupal Bhojpuri

Web series to watch on Chaupal Bhojpuri
Web series to watch on Chaupal Bhojpuri
Best shows on Bhojpuri Chaupal

Last Updated: 10.03 PM, Apr 18, 2024


Title: Purvanchal
Produced by: Abhay Sinha
Written and directed: Dheeraj Pandit


Star cast: Dinesh Lal Yadav (Nirahua), Amrapali Dubey
Story plot:
The character played by Dinesh Lal Yadav aka Nirahua is in love with a beautiful girl (played by Amrapali Dubey). But the problem is that he is not able to muster his courage to confess his love for her. Seeing his helplessness, his brother tells him to hatch a plan of kidnapping her so that it will make her fall in love with him eventually. But the problem is that she does not approve of the path chosen by him for his career.

Upon hearing all this from his brother, Dinesh Lal Yadav’s character feels that it's about time that he should change his career path, for the only reason that his love does not approve of his career. Will Dinesh Lal Yadav’s character change his career path for the sake of his love or will the lady whom he loves accept or reject his love for her is what forms the rest of the series.

Title: Pakadua Biyah
Star cast: Ankush Raja

Story plot: A husband catches his son and his wife getting close to each other. Unable to bear the very visual, he not only gets into a shock of his life, but also, lands up beating his son, constantly telling him that there is a difference between a mother and an aunt. Just as when he is beating up his son, the aunty comes from the behind and smashes a chair on his head, thus killing him in the bargain.

And when the aunt looks at the nephew, he tells him to confess to the crime of killing his own father so that when she becomes rich, she will be in a position to set him free!

Name: Range
Director: Taj
Star cast: Navi Bhangu, Aman Sutdhar, Sherry Agarwal, Hashneen Chauhan, Hobby Dhaliwal, Tarsem Paul, Anita Meet, Raman Dhagga

Story plot: Determined to be an army officer, the series’ protagonist Rana is all set to join the army. And, for that, he undergoes a rigorous training practice by practicing rifle shooting and other important skills. On the other hand, there enters the story’s antagonist who wants to grab the land. They, then, turn to the protagonist to ask him whether he wants his life or ‘zameen’ (plot).

That’s when the owner of the plot declares that; he may even choose to die rather than giving away his motherland and also his mother’s land. Hearing this, the goons bump him off. Even the police, who Rana thinks are on his side, eventually change their side. After fully being aware that he has to fight a lone battle, Rana becomes ready to take anyone head on.

Title: Lanka Mein Danka
Star cast: Ritesh Pandey

Story plot:
The story is that of two friends. While one friend is getting badly beaten up by the goons, he runs to the other friend seeing help. Seeing his helplessness, the other friend only assures him. But, seeing no help coming from him, the first friend chooses to run away from the goons.

And while running away, he gets stuck by a stone and eventually, he falls down on the ground. Seeing him fall down, the goons come and bash him up again mercilessly. Just as when he is about to be beaten up, the protagonist comes and saves him in the nick of time.

Seeing the protagonist, the goons turn to him and land up bashing him up. After the initial resistance, the protagonist lands up being bashed up badly. Sensing him to be dead, the goons begin to move away. That’s when he ‘comes to life’ and tells his friend that he acted like a dead man to protect himself from the goons!

Title: Prapanch
Star cast: Pawan Singh

Story plot: The series is about love and friendship and the tremors that the latter suffers because of the former. The story’s protagonist Bhupendra Singh (Pawan Singh) is in no mood to play Holi. That is exactly when his three friends try to force him to play Holi with them.

But, Bhupendra Singh, very politely tells them that he wants to play Holi with someone else. And hearing that, the friends start teasing him. But eventually, when the trio realise that Bhupendra Singh wanted to play Holi with the girl he loves, the trio insist that they too want to play Holi with her.

At first, Bhupendra Singh starts offering reluctance to his trio’s offer. That also leads to one man slapping Bhupendra Singh. For the sake of friendship, Bhupendra Singh even silently accepts the slap without retaliating in return.

Post that, still the trio do not keep their mouths shut. They, then, start insisting that they will want to play Holi with the lovely lady. And in no time, one of the men starts touching her inappropriately. Unable to control his anger anymore, Bhupendra Singh picks up a stick and lands up hitting the trio on their heads, which lands them in a hospital.

Post that, the police arrive on the scene and lands up arresting Bhupendra Singh and putting him behind the bars. After that, Bhupendra Singh’s simple father arrives in the hospital for the sake of his son.

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